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Miz Mishtal

Looks: "Keeping beautiful as an unpicked flower is so tedious. Where is my valiant gardener?" Although 29 years old, Miz shouldn't worry about her beauty. She's quite tall, as much so as most of the male cast. Her lavender hair is somewhat tied up and only reaches down to the shoulders of her particularly well-endowed body. Her skin is cream-colored and flawless. What seem to be cute birthmarks can be found near the corners of both her eyes.

Smarts: Her devotion to the one she loves may potentially cause her to make mistakes in a crisis. In most cases, however, she can think her way out of certain situations. All in all, her intelligence is average, perhaps a tiny notch below.

Personality: Miz has been known to be vain, especially in situations where it is appropriate to flaunt her body. Sometimes, she's able to stay focused on the task at hand. Around Mr. Fujisawa, unfortunately, she's prone to ditz-fests and other forms of non-seriousness. The same could likely happen with anyone she's interested in, so take caution.

Cooking: Unknown. She does have servants, so she likely doesn't have such experience. Anything is possible in this area.

Fighting Skills: As stated above, she can stay focused in battle. This can be especially true if the one she loves is in danger. Though not as violent as a certain teammate of hers, Miz can potentially evoke fear in her enemy. Like all of the Mt. Muldoon priestesses, she is absolutely no weakling.

Special Abilities: The power of a ring Miz wears enables her to control the element of water. As an elemental, she obtains the ability to do such things as shape water into a sharp spear and create a protective bubble while travelling in water. She can even detect an underground stream just by applying her hand to the ground. Could come in handy if you live on a farm. ^_^

Competition: None other than the legendary Masamichi Fujisawa. The man can kick butt and then some, as long as he stays off the booze. Drunk, though, he remains charming. Unfortunately, Mr. Fujisawa caught the eye of Miz and she is now heads over heels in love with him: wedding bells are definitely ringing in her head. Fortunately, he doesn't share the sentiment. With a little money and a lot of charm, it's possible for you to gradually wean her off him. Take care while doing it; one wrong move and you're as good as a bachelor-on-a-(water)stick!

In-Laws: Afura, Shayla. Though not family, they are Miz's fellow Priestesses. Neither of them will stand in your way unless they have reason to suspect you're no good for her.

Economics: I'm not sure how much a Priestess of Mount Muldoon makes. Such a Priestess most likely lives off the fringe benefits of her occupation. At any rate, she'll expect a government worker or someone else with a high income; Miz aspires to be the classic gold-digger.

Sex: A sure thing is that she'll want a waterbed. Things could go two ways with Miz: either she'll be old-fashioned and insist on the missionary position, or she'll go all out trying various positions, her on top being just the beginning. At her kinkiest, she may even go for watersports...

Overall: Miz Mishtal may be pushin' 30, but she's got a lot of great years left in her. If you want a mature-yet-not-mature woman who has a mind of her own, Miz would likely be your choice.

Written by: Paul Cordeiro
Converted to HTML by: Jim Franks

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