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Momaru Kusinagi

Looks: Exotic. Dark skin, slicked back green hair. Always wearing baggie pants and a trench coat. Has 7 blue seed placed on his hands and chest.

Smarts: Over-Average,He knows his way around science, mechanics and he knows his Aragami!

Personality: Tries to act tough, but always has a soft side. A little on the perverted side, but he only picks on the people he really likes. He is also very protective.

Cooking: Unknown

Fighting Skills: Great! He has 7 blue seed that makes him very powerful, agile, and destructive. Good when you are confronted with Aragami.

Special Abilities: 7 seeds, can form plant-like blades from his arms. Only problem is he thinks hes indestructable.

Competition: You have one major competitor, Momiji Fujimia. She has a major crush on Kusinagi and will do just about anything to get his attention. Even though Kusinagi doesn't show it to often, he has a crush on her too.

In-Laws: Aragami, plant like monsters that take form of dumb creatures.

Economics: Unknown, his only job he doesn't get payed for.

Sex: Very outgoing when it is a perverted joke, but when it gets serious he becomes really shy and quick to change the subject.

Overall: If the prospect of dating a half human/half plant doesn't daunt you. In additon to huge plant creatures popping in every now and them trying to kill both of you; Kusinagi is well worth it.

Written by: Gambit
Converted to HTML by: Jim Franks

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