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Motoko Kusanagi

Looks: Variable. As a full cyborg she can switch bodies atwill. However, she has a good taste and will go for the "sexy but lethal" look. Currently, she's in a pretty-boy male body, but expect her to change ASAP.

Smarts: As an anti-terrorist agent of section nine, you can expect her intellectual capacity to be clearly above average. What she doesn't know about cybernetics and computer-related stuff is probably not worth knowing anyway. She also has considerable knowledge about guns.

Personality: As tough as the titanium shell her brain is encased in, which is what's required for her line of work. It goes without saying that you shouldn't cross this woman unless you are bored with life. However, when she's off-duty she can be as loving and caring as anybody else. If you find yourself in deep trouble, she'll probably calmly help you kill off the people responsible four your predicament. But don't expect her to be the mothering type -- you'd better be as tough as she or she'll quickly lose interest in you.

Home Economics: Unknown. However, considering her personality you can expect her to be able to take care of herself, with the emphasis being on herself -- you'd better be able to take care of yourself. On the other hand, everything is probably automated anyway, so home economics is really a non-issue.

Combat Skills: Considerable. This is one woman you'll never need to protect. She is basically a female version of the Terminator with state-of-the-art destructive capabilities on par with a mechanized brigade. She can hit anything with a gun at almost any range. Without a gun, her cyborg body can still smash any opposition.

Special Abilities: As a full-body cyborg she has extraordinary strength and endurance. She can jump roughly ten meters (30ft) straight up in the air. Her body is extremely tough, and she can take an ax in the back without even being wounded. Among lots of other cybernetic goodies she has a mental link to the Internet.

Competition: The Internet. Since she fused with an AI created out of the Internet she has become the first person to exist partially in the Internet. You'd better be able to provide something she can't get on the Internet.

In-Laws: The whole Internet. If you marry her, you'll have more in-laws than anyone else.

Finances: Since she has the whole Internet at her mercy and is a hacker el supremo, money is no problem.

Sex: The first problem you'll face is the fact that she's a cyborg. Since titanium is about four-and-a-half times heavier than water, you can expect her to weigh as much as 500lbs. Don't expect anything less than 300lbs. So if you absolutely must have real-world sex, be careful with the positions or get yourself an upgraded bone structure and she won't pulp you. Otherwise, if you don't mind cyber-sex, there are really no limits to what you'll experience. With the whole Internet as a source of inspiration and her ability to have a new body every week (real-world, every millisecond for cyber-sex), sex with Motoko will never be boring.

Overall: To sum it up, this is a choice for the adventurous person. If you think you can handle being married to a super-strong killing machine that partly exists in the Internet, go for it.

Written by: A schmuck who prefers to be anonymous.
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