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Mousse (Mu Zhu?)

Looks: Quite handsome without his glasses, with that long lustrous hair. With those glasses, looks kinda nerdy. Favors voluminous robes, the better to hide his weapons collection.

Smarts: Something of a savant idiot. He apparently learned fluent Japanese in no time flat, and has mastered at least the basics of stage magic. OTOH, believes any line Shampoo or Cologne feeds him. Comes up with good plans, such as getting other people to team up with him, but fails to execute properly.

Personality: Vain about his looks, stubborn to the point of stupidity, vengeful. His one redeeming virtue is his devotion to Shampoo, which is clearly not based on looks.

Cooking: He probably can. He's likely to cook by taste rather than by recipe.

Fighting Skills: Pretty good. Knows a variety of weapons, several of which give him a range advantage. But his poor eyesight is an easily exploitable weakness that prevents him from victory time after time.

Special Abilities: Conceals an amazing variety of weapons about his person, or even in his feathers! Turns into a duck.

Competition: Shampoo. Despite the incredibly shabby way she treats him, Mousse remains totally devoted to her. If you can somehow break/transfer this obsession, Shampoo will be both grateful and a little disappointed. (remember the "Contrary Jewel" scene)

In-Laws: None known, though Cologne might act in loco parentis. (which does not mean "like a crazy parent" :-)

Economics: Let's face it, busboy/dishwasher at the Neko Restaurant just isn't going to support a family. See if you can get himback into show business.

Sex: Once he actually finds you, Mousse will want to hold you close, so prepare for lots of cuddling.

Overall: Consider popping for that laser eye surgery. Short-sightedness might be a treatable metaphor.

Written by: SKJAM!
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