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Nabiki Tendou

Looks: Good. Not as classically beautiful as her older sister, nor "blessed" with the magnetism of the younger, but perfectly nice in her own way. Doesn't seem to have as many outfits as the other girls in the series, probably due to h er frugal nature.

Smarts: Very shrewd. Good at thinking on her feet, and seems to do well in school. Expert at anything having to do with money.

Personality: Sneaky, likes manipulating people for her own amusement or profit. Has a well-hidden softness for those she loves though. Spends a lot of time alone, observing.

Cooking: Has never bothered learning it. (She's not as fanaticalas Akane about proving her feminity, and Kasumi is good at it, so whyexert the effort.) Very good at cadging free food from people. Expect to eat out a lot, or if you're doing well, get a cook.

Fighting Skills: Minimal. The closest she comes to being attacked is a couple of times the dazed Kunou mistakes her for Akane, and a simple whack on the noggin serves. It's just so much easier getting Ranma to fight for her...

Special Abilities: Eats and eats without gaining an ounce (this may go away when she leaves adolesence.) Large collection of dirt on whole cast.

Competition: Kunou (maybe), that "sponging" expert. Both areunlikely to be much of an obstacle; Kunou being more of Nabiki's favorite "mark" (he was able to "un-obsess" rather quickly in the one episode he tried dating her.) The other fellow seemed more a competitor than a potential mate. Was there anyone else in the late manga?

In-Laws: Soun, Kasumi, Akane, maybe Ranma & Genma. Happosaiseems to be less of a problem for Nabiki, so he probably won't bother you. The others are likely to only visit on special occassions, as Nabiki is the likeliest member of the fa mily to move out at marriage.

Economics: Nabiki will live comfortably, either by her own business efforts, or marrying money. The latter will only occur if she also likes you, as she has small tolerance for rich fools. I suspect much of her gains have been secretly going into the family accounts to help keep the dojo afloat.

Sex: Nabiki would certainly consider using sex as a means of getting ahead, but won't put herself in a position where this would compromise her.

Overall: A bit thornier than most men would like, but there's a hidden rose there.

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