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Jinnai Nanami

Looks: Pragmatic but cute. Make no mistake, Nanami has the capability of looking every bit as desirable as any of the other women populating El-Hazard but her practical, entrepreneurial nature doesn't appear to leave her time to devote to extensive grooming. Her honey-blonde mane is worn in a short, easy-to-maintain cut framing a bright, perky face. This young lady will mature into a very beautiful woman. However, if you can convince her that more attention to her personal appearance will likely increase interest from potential customers she will not wait for maturity to become as devastatingly beautiful as her potential would indicate.

Smarts: Incredibly intelligent. Even when dropped unexpectedly into an alien world with only the clothes on her back she integrated herself into the local economy fairly quickly to the point of eventually acquiring her own business concern. She appears to have little interest in acquiring knowledge that cannot be immediately turned into profit so I wouldn't look for a Rhodes Scholar here but her capacity to see opportunity in anything might be turned to less mundane pursuits. She is naturally bright and curious and can quickly absorb and utilize whatever information she feels is necessary from her environment.

Personality: Businesslike but not obsessively so. She can be quite cheerful and clearly enjoys the company of friends over the pursuit of profit. And unlike a certain resident of a doujou in Nerima, Nanami prefers making her money honestly without resort to trickery, blackmail or extortion. She is also dependent on the company of others for her happiness and well-being. While she can survive alone she will avoid that state where at all possible. In fact, her need for attention is such that the overtly aggressive attentions of Areere were tolerable to her. She has on several occasions exhibited a short temper where her brother is concerned but this is likely due to his continuing presence as a threat to herself and her friends.

Home Economics: An excellent cook and housekeeper as these skills are essential to Nanami's chosen route to wealth: Restaurateur. Her hand has been in every aspect of food service from obentou to demae to a full-service restaurant. The only problem you're likely to have is that with Nanami devoting most of her energies to maintaining her business, whatever that may be, she is likely to have little remaining for housekeeping and meal preparation at home. You can expect to share the load at the very least if not maintaining most of it. It is likely that Nanami's business talents will land her a full staff in fairly short order so that you can expect to eventually be the primary beneficiary of her skills however.

Combat Skills: None exhibited. However this has not prevented her from going in harm's way to assist her friends. She has demonstrated considerable bravery and, on occasion, rash foolhardiness. If you ever got into trouble she would stand by your side to fight with you or for you, but her lack of any apparent combat skills or training would likely mean your spending a lot of effort defending her instead.

Special Abilities: On earth, nothing beyond her entrepreneurial talents. In El-Hazard she is unaffected by the illusions of members of the Phantom Tribe allowing her to detect their presence. It should be noted in an alternate reality in El-Hazard she shared her brother's skill in communicating with the Bugrom.

Competition: Mizuhara Makoto. Arielle (Areere) Relryle. Nanami has had a crush on Makoto for some time and you will have to overcome this if you truly desire her. Fortunately Makoto's romantic eye is focused elsewhere so he would not be a rival for her heart. However he does care a great deal about her and if he feels you'd be no good for her he will be a major problem in your relationship. Before you dismiss him too soon remember that he has Ifurita backing him up. Areere is hopelessly attracted to any woman displaying a dominant or aggressive personality so Nanami caught her eye at first sight. While Areere is likely to prove a continuing annoyance she is unlikely to be a serious rival. First, indications are that Nanami is straight and is unlikely to be moved by the advances of a 15-sai girl. Second, Areere is already the lover of Fatora-hime and Fatora will not allow Areere to go hunting other potential companions. The only serious rival for Nanami's attentions would be whatever business concern she has going. However, Nanami is not one to put her work ahead of her need for love and companionship.

In-Laws: While there is no information on her parents though I suspect they're alive and well, your biggest concern in this area will be her older brother, Jinnai Katsuhiko. This man is likely to condemn Nanami to a life as a spinster given that marrying Nanami makes him your brother-in-law. Be warned, Jinnai Katsuhiko is an egomaniacal sociopath who will stop at nothing, including mass murder, to glorify himself or avenge some imagined slight. This man's first action at finding himself on an alien world was to plunge it into war for the sole purpose of gratifying his own ego. It is likely that Nanami will want to spend as little time around her brother as you will. Luckily he has taken up residence with the Bugrom and will be living on the other shore of the River of God where he won't be a problem. At least not until he builds the Bugrom back up into a credible military force. You may want to seriously consider quietly killing him.

Finances: Likely to be very good given Nanami's talent for making money. She's not afraid of hard work and will put everything she has (and you have) into her business project. While it will be hard going at first as things get going you can expect Nanami's drive and talent to make a success of whatever she tries. You need not concern yourself with getting a job as Nanami will make you a full partner in her business as you are her full partner in life. Do expect as well that you will be working as hard as she does at getting the business going and keeping it going.

Sex: Enthusiastic and plentiful. Under it all Nanami remains a glutton for attention and once having experienced the attention and pleasures sex can provide it is unlikely she will ever leave you alone. Finding time for it will likely be your biggest headache in the sexual arena as starting and running a small business in an alien economy is likely to make many demands on your lives. But so long as you're not unreasonable about it and do not attempt to make Nanami choose between either her business or you she will make every attempt to accommodate your needs and desires. Remember, she needs the attention every bit as much as you do and will not go long without it.

Overall: A worthwhile catch. No major negatives and many pluses in the areas that are really important. You had better check with her first before putting an axe through her brother's skull and refrain from the thought if she doesn't go along with it but once you solve the brother problem she is one woman with whom you can settle in for the long haul. You will have to get used to living in a whole new world as it looks like she's a permanent resident of Roshtaria but who could say no to a second chance at a new life with Nanami at your side.

Written by: Kyle Pope
Converted to HTML by: Jim Franks

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