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Nene Romanova

Looks: Cute. While lacking the exotic beauty of Sylia and the wild beauty of Priss, Nene has a look that is instantly appealing to almost any eye.  Her red/pink hair and shimmering emerald eyes are striking, and she proves in an obligatory shower sequence that she's got more curves than a side-winder pitch. She's got the Lolita thing going on, with youthful, exaggerated features, but she fairly radiates the sort of innocence lost on the other three Knight Sabers.

Smarts: This REALLY depends on the subject. She was a runaway who survived on the streets and she's a world-class hacker, second only to Sylia herself, but when it comes to Real Life (tm) and everyday interactions, Nene is naive and immature. She's brainy, though. Don't let her exterior fool you.

Personality: Sweet-natured, but not afraid to lash back when verbally attacked. On the other hand, she can try her hardest to sound tough but is impossible to take seriously in this respect. Nene is friendly and easy to get along with, but she, Priss, and Linna have been known to trade (lightheared) barbs. Nene is very emotional and easily hurt, but she bounces back without overwhelming trouble.

Cooking/Home Economics: She's self-sufficient and has her own apartment, so I imagine she has the basics down. She's a big eater so she must be able to cook at least a few dishes, but there's no indication that her domestic abilities are outstanding or glaringly bad.

Fighting Skills: Um, no. Her moment of glory in physical combat was rolling on the ground and squealing while striking blindly at a rampaging Boomer. She only won the fight through sheer luck. What Nene lacks in physical prowess, however, she tries her hardest to make up for with her computer-related skills. Most of the time her role in any given fight is extremely basic background work, but when the going gets tough, Nene can kick some serious electronic butt.

Special Abilities: As stated, hacking. That's about it.

Competition: Possibly Mackie Stingray, Sylia's younger brother. There is no concrete evidence of a romantic coupling, but there were hints that something may be brewing between the two of them. Nene's social life includes very little dating outside of her personal fantasies, which has made her the butt of some jokes from the other three.

In-Laws: Overprotective and overbearing parents drove Nene to run away from home, and by the looks of things Nene's mom is still trying to run her life by the last episode of the series. They must be nice people considering they raised such a kind daughter, but make sure you don't give the impression of being any sort of threat. You'll also have to deal more the far more troubling Sylia, who will not take kindly to losing one of her Knight Sabers to marriage. Be prepared for a fight.

Economics: Not too great. The ADP doesn't pay their dispatchers/traffic cops much money. She makes enough to get by, but don't expect that dream vacation in Tahiti.

Sex : Nene is romantically/sexually innocent, so sex is something that will come slow and with great patience. You'll have to initiate her and be a tender, loving partner. As sensitive as Nene is, she'd probably be incredibly offended by anything but TLC.

Overall: The best Knight Saber as far as marriage prospects go. Sylia is too caught up in her own world, Priss has a hard time with romance, and Linna is ... Linna. But if you can convince Sylia to let go of her electronic warfare expert, you'll have a worthy catch.

Written by : Charles Richards

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