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Nuku Nuku

Looks: Face it, has there EVER been an anime cat-woman who wasn't stacked? Nuku Nuku is certainly no exception.

Smarts: Well, she's got the brain of a cat. She's not stupid, just kind of naive about human ways, and easily distracted by mice, other cats, blowing leaves, bits of string...

Personality: Cheerful, loyal, eager-to-please, playful, affectionate... perhaps a bit irresponsible, but hey, she's a cat, right? Just be grateful she doesn't claw the furniture.

Cooking: She seems to be a pretty decent cook, although left to her own devices would probably live on fish.

Fighting Skills: Excellent, especially compared to the bozos she gets to fight. When will they learn that giant robots can NEVER defeat a beautiful android?

Special Abilities: Your basic super-android package... strong, fast, nigh-invulnerable; plus, those ear-sensor things that pop out of her head.

Competition: Kyusaku ("Papa-san"), Ryunosuke. Neither of these are really romantic rivals, but Nuku Nuku is devoted to them, and if you try to take her away, expect it to get ugly. You'll probably have to have them move in with you.

In-Laws: See above. Also Akiko, who periodically tries to blow up Nuku Nuku so she can get her son back; and Eimi, who periodically tries to blow up Nuku Nuku so she can take her body (Eimi is no rocket scientist.) Expect to pay really high insurance premiums.

Economics: She makes a good waitress, until somebody runs amok in her restaurant with assault weapons. Any job that depends on teenage males liking her, she'll do well at.

Sex: Once the concept was carefully explained to her, she'd probably be amenable. Watch out that she doesn't get carried away in the clinch and crush you.

Overall: Say what you will, life with Nuku Nuku would NOT be dull... just remember to scratch her behind the ears.

Written by:Ross TenEyck
Converted to HTML by:Jim Franks

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