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Looks: Concentrated kawaii compressed to the density of neutronium. Something will have to be done with the hair but otherwise you cannot look at this woman and not want to give her a big hug. An innocent wide-eyed face combined with an ample yet diminutive figure give her the appearance of a pocket-sized sex bomb. This combination of traits can easily take you off your guard when around her so try to keep your wits about you (good luck).

Smarts: A lot smarter than her age and behavior would suggest. Unlike her sister amazons ParaPara went for the more efficient "mass-production" approach to golden mirror hunting, attacking groups of people rather single individuals. While she didn't appear anymore successful than her companions, her methods would have probably gotten the desired results a lot sooner. She also seems better at the imaginative use of opportunities that are presented her. When confronted by an arguing Sailor Moon and Chibi-Moon she applied the rather interesting solution of reversing their ages where her companions would have attempted to launch a new lemure at them.

Personality: Infantile. Her physical development notwithstanding ParaPara is a big kid. He powers are even based on toys. She is very easy to please and entertain, taking joy in the most simple of pleasures like a balloon. For her the hunt for the Golden Mirror is a great game. It is likely that this basic aspect of her will not change much even as she grows older.

Home Economics: Initially she would view housework as an interesting game like playing in a full-sized doll house. Eventually she would find the routine boring and much of the household maintainence will fall to you or be neglected. As for cooking I wouldn't risk letting her anywhere near a stove or open flame. The attention to detail required for cooking seems to be beyond ParaPara at this moment. If she still had her magic this might not be a problem but since its loss she would have some more growing up to do before she took maintaining a home seriously.

Combat Skills: The idea that anyone could look at ParaPara and want to attack her is terrifying. Such a creature should be destroyed immediately. Like the others of the Amazon Quartet ParaPara does not do her own fighting, prefering instead to summon up a lemures to do battle for her while she retreats. However, ParaPara is adept at deceit and misdirection as a combat tool. She may not be able to do much damage to an opponent but she can make them look like a complete idiot.

Special Abilities: With the assistance of her sphere she can teleport, call forth various creatures called lemures to do battle for her, transmute toys into their real-life counterparts and extract dream mirrors from human beings. On her own she is quite accomplished at tricks of sleight-of-hand.

Competition: None known other than her fellow Amazons. They seem to function as a group so attempting to split any one of them off would likely prove difficult. ParaPara does not seem to exhibit any romantic interest in the males she's come in contact with so it is likely there is no one behind the scenes. This is also likely to mean that she would have no concept of what your romantic interest in her would mean.

In-Laws: None known other than her fellow Amazons. While they certainly wouldn't be hostile to your interest in ParaPara they would certainly want to "test" the sincerity of your feelings. This will probably make them a continuing annoyance in your married life.

Finances: Non-existant. ParaPara may not even be familiar with the concept of earning a living. Guess you're back in the hot seat as far as earning the money goes. ParaPara is young enough though to start a good education that would lead her to a productive career. Doing what I couldn't begin to imagine but I do forsee possibilities in the entertainment field. She's certainly cute enough to become an idol singer for as long as that lasts.

Sex: If you can get her to stop giggling long enough after you've explained the concept she would certainly have the potential of being a satisfactory lover. You may have to wait a while until she's mature enough to handle a sexual encounter and with ParaPara that may be some time. Her body may get bigger but this might not necessarily be a sign of maturity.

Overall: If you're really into kawaii this is the lady for you. She's got a way to go before she's marriage material given a mentality the level of Chibi-Usa but her basic innocence (once the influence of Nephrenia is removed) lends the possibility of a wife untainted by the more jaded aspects of relationships. Mind you patience will be required given her child-like worldview but if you adjust your expectations accordingly you might learn to take as much pleasure from the experience as she does.

Written by: Kyle Pope
Converted to HTML by: < a href="">Jim Franks

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