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Looks: absolutely cute with a boyish face but a body that's so perfectly sculpted you'd faint from sheer sexiness!! His butt isn't bad either.

Smarts: He is a pretty quick thinker (when he thinks) and doesn't go rushing into things.

Personality: Mostly following his heart, he's very passionate in being righteous , defending the weak and for the pure good of things. Parn is a fast learner and anyone would be proud to have him on their side. As for being social he's a little shy and stuff but when he gets comfy he's o.k.

Cooking: Parn cooking (c'mon!)not that he wouldn't try if he had too!  (inserted note from C.P.I. : Parn pretty much had to live by himself for 4 years...  Also had to raise Etoh before he went off to school...  He's probably capable of cooking)

Fighting Skills: Great always improving , a born fighter and as a descendent from a knight, Parn is a first class hero.

Special Abilities: No magic and such. But his enthusiasm and very spirited attitude would inspire many into action. He's a leader in the making.

Competition: Deedlit , in a nut shell! Blonde, slim, curves, you've got a handfull and there is already a mutual unsaid thing between Parn and Deed. If you're outgoing and pretty enough to capture Parn's attention, GO FOR IT!!

In-Laws: NONE to be exact except for his team mates who are a good bunch of guys!

Economics: AS with the cooking house keeping- nope! But yard work such as chopping wood, hunting and other manly stuff he's your guy!

Sex: Parn is definantly a virgin, but once broken in he's most likely a very strong , heated guy in the sheets. The take control type Parn is'nt the hours and hours of sex guy. He's the the good, hard , always leaving you wanting more guy!

Overall: Parn is basically "Your Knight In Shining Armour"

Written by: Holly Henati.

Converted to HTML by :Jim Franks

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