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Looks: Pirotase is seductive beauty refined. Reasonably tall, smooth dusky skin, snowy white hair, and a slim, but athletically powerful build. Slightly feline-ish eyes of a gentle gold/yellow, long elvish ears, slightly-pouting lips, lengthy, slender legs and grace-filled arms, and a slightly more-then-ample bust, combined with her full-awareness of her figure and no inhibitions about using it to her advantage and showing it off, all make for a sexy, voluptuous woman that envokes desire and possessiveness in even the most stout-hearted of souls.

Smarts: While far short of brilliance, she's still possessed of a very cunning and creative intelligence. In terms of booklearning, she may fall rather short, however. Her upbringing into the Marmo war machine has likely not left much time for academic pursuits, even if she had been inclined to undertake them. Her 'streetsmarts' though, and ability to think quickly can make up for that shortfall.

Personality: Arrogant, confident, and proud come to mind, although neither trait is blinding to her. Proud though she may be, she knows when she's outclassed. As a result of the surroundings she was raised in no doubt, she also has a somewhat more sophisticated version of the caveman, might-makes-right attitude towards things. Her arrogance comes straight out towards people she regards as less then or beneath her, but she becomes legitimatly deferiant and submissive to those she knows are stronger then her, knowing exactly 'where her place is', so to speak. She is fiercely loyal to that which she considers hers, or her side, but only for as long as she believes it to be the stronger. Beneath it all, however, she does have the capacity to be tender and vulnerable when her feelings enter play, but it is a very, very rare circumstance indeed that could bring that side out of her.

Home Economics: She's not likely to ever be a better then average cook, although she'll certainly try her best if you can get her believing it's her place to be cooking at all. You'd save yourself a lot of hassle if you're willing to do it yourself, or are able to invest in servants. Same goes for cleaning and other domestic chores.

Combat Skills: Pirotase is a very capable and tricky combatant. She is skilled in the sword and minor magics, as well as being deadly swift and agile. Even stronger for her, however, are the more subtle aspects of fighting, as she will do *whatever* she feels it takes to win, and is a master of trickery and mental/emotional manuvering. Don't expect her to leap right up to defend you, however, unless you're -very- meaningful to her indeed. She doesn't like weakness, and most assuredly will want to make sure her chosen mate is even stronger then she is; letting you fight your own battles being a likely way to ascertain some of this.

Special Abilities: Minor magics of the nature of influence and of protection. Being elvish, even if Dark elvish, yields an inheriant affinity for craftsmanship, and artistical/musical talents however, and if she doesn't practice anything in particular -now-, she could likely be convinced to learn, if you put her in the position of finding something to please you. She's also exceptionally cunning however, and many not-so-obvious talents could emerge from letting her indulge herself in that trait.

Competition: Unfortunatly for you, Ashuram the Black Knight stands between Pirotase and yourself. Strong, cold, and merciless, Pirotase is his lover/concubine, and he's not likely to let her go without a fight, unless you were to somehow convince him it was in his best interests. Pirotase is very disposed towards him, however, and unless you're so powerful that you blatantly overshadow him by far, you're only likely to win her over to you through battle with Ashuram.

In-Laws: None, fortunatly. Other dark elves may give you trouble however. Humans are considered -very- beneath them under most circumstances.

Finances: She's not rich, mostly relying on what she's given and/or feels she can take. If rendered very submissive to you, she could easily be talked into performing many kinds of odd jobs and tasks, though she'd never be likely to take up anything full time. Far better to her liking however would be your already posessing great wealth, so neither one of you had to work. If you yourself decide to work, however, make very sure never to neglect her, or perform jobs that make you look weak and/or socially low, unless you've got a darned convincing reason for doing so. It could be very influential in her opinion of you.

Sex: Pirotase could make for a very engaging lover. She's got a wonderfully-suited body, imaginitive, uninhibited mind, and a strong liking for the pleasures of the flesh. In many ways, her attitudes towards life would make her a much more involved partner then a kinder, gentler woman might, as she can be domineering -or- submissive depending on the situation, and lacks a lot of narrow mindedness towards this kind of thing that would be present in others. It's very likely that you could find yourself taught a few tricks at the very least, possibly even overwhelmed by her, in which case she'd be likely to recoginize her superiority and take full advantage of it to make you -hers-, at least for as long as sex is concerned.

Overall: Pirotase is a very rough diamond indeed. It is debatable whether the bigger headache would be taking her from Ashuram, or settling into the roles of your relationship with her. If you don't have a -lot- to offer her in some material/physical way, you'd do best to stay away from her. However, if you're assuredly strong of mind and will, unyielding at need, and have some quality to draw her to you, be it power, strength, great wealth, or whatever, then it could very well be worth your effort to pursue her heart, as once captured, and you've gone through a phase of establishing just -where- your respective places are with eachother, she makes for a very loyal, desirable, and devoted companion, who would change your life forever. Be prepared, however, to fight for her at some point possibly, as she'll want to be assured sometimes that you are devoted to -her- as well, and shows of might is the way she understands best.

Written by: Spectral
Converted to HTML by: Jim Franks

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