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Looks: A long, beautiful, angular figure topped by an impressive crown of blue hair falling to her heels and worn with the familiar odango. Large, amber, expressive eyes shine out of a sunny face yet her most striking features are two pairs of diaphanous wings coming from her shoulders. While her taste in garb allows full appreciation of the form it minimally conceals you will have to look very closely to catch all of the details of Primera's beauty as, being a faerie, she stands only 11 inches tall.

Smarts: Average with potential. Primera exhibits the mentality of a young teen-ager with all of the mental confusion that implies. As a faerie, however, she is a master of some magic including healing spells. Expect that as she matures her mind will develop accordingly as it cannot be easy to survive in a world where the dominant species is ten times your size. My impression is that stupid faeries soon become dead faeries.

Personality: An arrogant brat. Clearly views herself as superior to the giants surrounding her and is fiercely defensive of anything she considers her territory. She will not hesitate to literally get in your face and stare you down. She does not handle frustration well at all and is subject to frequent tantrums and bouts of yelling. However, if she really likes you to the point of a teen-age crush she can be very deferential and obedient as well as eager to please. When behaving civilly Primera can be very pleasant to have around. Otherwise you could easily find yourself reaching for the nearest flyswatter.

Home Economics: Difficult. Unless she uses magic maintaining your home will be just about impossible for her. Since we do not as yet know the full extent of her powers we can only speculate as to her full capabilities in this area. If the size differential can be overcome to where you are both living at the same scale then I would expect Primera to be eager to maintain a warm and comfortable household for the two of you once she has acquired the necessary skills. As traditionally faeries have tended to scale others down rather than scale themselves up (thus jeopardizing their powers of flight) you might have to get used to your happy home being in a tree or under a mushroom.

Combat Skills: None exhibited and I doubt any are there. She is easily frightened and will run or fly to the nearest protector in the face of danger. She can be useful after a battle though as she has exhibited considerable healing abilities.

Special Abilities: She's a faerie. She has fully functioning wings and exhibits healing magic. She also has the faerie's traditional small size.

Competition: Lantis. Mokona. Primera has a considerable crush on Lantis and will not let another woman near him if she can prevent it (which she can't). Fortunately for you Lantis doesn't appear to exhibit any romantic interest in her. In fact he doesn't appear to manifest any feelings for her at all beyond mere tolerance. As Lantis has cast his romantic lot in with Shidou Hikaru it can be expected that this tolerance for Primera will diminish. While this might make her more open to your advances it does mean as well that she will be on the rebound from the loss of her crush. You run the risk of becoming the transitional relationship and we all know the long term prospects of those. You might want to back off and let her feelings for Lantis burn off first before moving in. While not a romantic rival Primera has become Mokona's favorite toy. He(?) seems to take some pleasure in various forms of arassment up to and including eating her. My impression of this behavior of Mokona's is that it has less to do with having fun and more to do with curbing Primera's interference with the destinies of the Magic Knights. Once Primera moves on to you and is no longer a concern I think Mokona will back off. But then again given how mischievous Mokona can be he may chew on her now and again for old time's sake.

In-Laws: None known but presumably faeries have parents and families. However given the recent spate of difficulties Cefiro has been experiencing it is likely that Primera's family might have been casualties thus explaining her fierce attachment to Lantis. The denizens of magical realms seem to harbor a natural prejudice against humans and therefore Primera's family might express displeasure at her choice in a mate. You'd certainly be a cumbersome addition to the faerie neighborhood. But Primera's crush on Lantis would suggest that faerie/human relationships aren't considered taboo and so long as you're a decent sort I don't anticipate any trouble. Remember that faeries are magic users and magic users can cause no end of trouble.

Finances: Primera is a magic user and therefore money would be of little concern to her. We have seen that human magic users in Cefiro still require money for many things both mundane and magical but with Primera's reduced size a little cash will go a long way. And we don't as yet know how the faerie economy works. As a healer Primera would certainly be in demand and she could earn a good living healing farmers and soldiers alike. Being a fairly non-technological society earning a living in Cefiro should not prove too challenging to someone possessed of 20th century terrestrial skills. Certain agricultural and accounting techniques would give you a considerable advantage over your neighbors but I would recommend learning magic as soon as you can.

Sex: This could be a problem area given the size differential but I suspect Primera has the power to compensate for this. I don't expect she would have developed a crush on a full-sized human unless she had the ability to fulfill any fantasies that she'd likely be entertaining towards him. As previously noted Primera doesn't handle frustration well so she wouldn't set herself up for it if she could avoid it. Expect her to be very enthusiastic and very eager. Somehow I don't think shyness constitutes any part of Primera's make-up. There will certainly be interesting permutations given that Primera can fly and is a magic user plus the fact that the apparent delicacy of her wings may rule out certain conventional sexual positions. And who knows what ideas you might come up with if each of you stay at your normal size. In any event, it won't be boring.

Overall: The lady certainly has a lot of growing up to do (pun intended) but there is nothing overtly negative about Primera as a wife. She will be devoted, loving and loyal. Her skills at magic will come in handy from time to time and Cefiro certainly looks like a nice place to live as it is likely that Primera could not make a place for herself in this world. It will be a stormy courtship as she will not likely budge in her romantic expectations but if you can net her (another pun intended) life with a faerie bride could prove to be everything the writers of those faerie tales said it was.

Written by: Kyle Pope
Converted to HTML by: Jim Franks

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