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Priscella S. Asagiri

Alias: Priss

Looks: Drop dead gorgeous, sexy (especially when on stage) and exhuding confidence. The reddish eyes are incredibly awesome, as well.

Smarts: Quick thinking, but not of above average intelligence. In combat situations, you can depend on her to work to get her teammates out of it while causing the most damage to her opponent (though this may involve self-sacrifice). However, when she's emotional (i.e. most of the time), she doesn't have much common sense.

Personality: Rebel with a cause (two actually: Genom and the AD Police). She's fast to judge and usually is more emotional than logical. Priss is self-destructive, though occasionally this transcends into self-sacrifice for her teammates. She is relatively inexperienced with love, having had one documented boyfriend (who was killed) and having only four very good (and living) friends. Inside, she is loyal to her friends, and usually acts in what she views as best for her friends.

Home Economics: She can probably microwave food and prepare some basic meals (cereal, etc). Takeout is her diet, and is quite expensive, as the $100 tab Leon had to pay for lunch at the Ragou Steakhouse. Housecleaning, however, is marginally better than the average teenager. She'll wash dishes if you give her a good reason to, but expect complaints if she has to do *ANY* housework. Hire a maid if you can.

Fighting Skills: Outside of a hardsuit, she can probably do some serious damage with her punching (though she can't stand up to a boomer). An excellent shot with her "boomer killer" pistol and probably several other types of firearms. Also skilled in knife fighting. Put her in a hardsuit and things turn up a few more notches with the ability to lift several tons and fire railgun spikes in addition to her new knuckle bomber and ankle variant of the knuckle bomber. Furthermore, she has no concern for her life. This adds up to two words: VERY DANGEROUS!

Special Abilities: Being a normal mortal, she's not equipped with supreme amounts of magical abilities. She has a front line combat hardsuit and the know-how to use it effectively. Her great songwriting is a plus. She also has the ability to really turn on the charm and make most guys do anything for her.

Competition: Death and revenge are your two biggest competitors. She's got a subliminated wish to die but she wants to take down both Genom and AD Police before she expires. Also, memories of Silvie will probably put a hamper on things for a while. The Knight Sabres are her best friends, and anything you do better not seperate her from them. There is also a rule prohibiting the Knight Sabres from having boyfriends, but this is broken many times by Linna so that this rule might be considered void (good thing considering the punishment can be death). Furthermore, Leon has eyes on her, but she doesn't really like him, so this isn't much of an important point.

In-Laws: Mother and Father are both dead, leaving only the "adoptive sisters", the Knight Sabres. Linna will probably try to snatch you up of you make a lot of money; Nene will set her eyes on you if you're cute (but won't do anything), and Sylia will keep her eye on you to make sure you don't screw up the Knight Sabres.

Economics: An incredibly popular musician with the money from being a Knight Sabre to boot, it's amazing that she doesn't have more spending cash. She's been evicted at least once, and is usually living from paycheck to paycheck. If you can manage a pop star, you can probably reap an enormous amount of cash, though Priss is more concerned with the ability of her fans to listen than she is in making money, so you better watch how much you charge.

Sex: Fast, intense, probably almost barbaric. She's got an awesome body and is very strong, too (remember, she has a license to drive those motorcycles, which, in Japan, means she's got to be able to lift them). She's probably rather flexible due to her additional training. The possibilities are enormous, but limited most likely to things which don't involve making her submit to your demands. Now, putting her in charge is another matter entirely....

Overall: There are a few don'ts involved here. #1, don't bring her home to mom and dad; #2, be ready for anything, including a schedule more centered around revenge than you; #3 don't expect a clean house without a maid. Other than that, if you like aggressive, rebellious, and emotional then she's your type. I guess she's someone you either love, or love to hate (if you'll pardon the cliche).

Written by: Ben Kosse
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