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Anna and Uni: The Puma Sisters

Looks: Simply fantastic, especially if you're into catgirls. ^_^ While not being the most *beautiful* creatures around, they were built to perfection, perfectly proportioned; meticulously-designed bodies possessing an outer grace and an inner strength rarely achieved to the level these two were created with from the start. Wild, lion-like manes of blonde hair, well-sized but not overdone chests, long, slender arms and legs, deep blue eyes, and who could resist those kitty ears! ^_^

Smarts: Weeelll....they're not the brightest creatures around either. Though they're obviously not the airheaded bimbos they can seem like a lot of the time, as their rare cunning and their ability to operate heavy machinery and firepower with good skill may attest to, what intelligence they may possess tends to get overshadowed by their personalities most of the time.

Personality: Fun, fun, fun.:) Bouncy, thrill-seeking mercenaries with a neko touch. Mischievious beyond words, one may never know for sure -what- they may be up to, even if it looks perfectly apparent. Almost totally irresponsable, however, no respect for any rules or laws other then what they wanna do. It's reasonable to believe they'll leap to defend anyone they consider close to them, but more likely for the thrill of it, rather then because of however they may feel. Life to them is just one big joyride. It's also reasonable to believe they could be very affectionate if they came to truly care for you, but a great amount of patience would be required before reaching such a point.

Home Economics: Heh. They probably wouldn't cook and clean even if they -were- good at it's boring, and it is -work-, after all. Though, they'd probably be more then willing to handle the take-out and fast food arrangements all by themselves. Just be prepared to explain to the cops why they took the cash register with them and left the restaurant a smoking ruin.

Combat Skills: Damage, damage, DAMAGE! These girls are -always- up for a good rumble, and go at it with all the fierceness their feline traits can possibly grant to them, and all the enthusiasm their love for a good time no matter -how- dangerous can account for. Be it beating up the big, hulking bully, or a full-on firefight with the local SWAT, you can always rely on these two to be right in the thick of things and kicking some serious butt.

Special Abilities: Aside from their enhanced physical abilities and senses that result from their android physiques, not much. Perhaps their unique talent to get into trouble could be counted as such.

Competition: Each other. =) It's both or none with these two. If you tried to devote too much attention to only one of them, the other would be likely to take exception to it.

In-Laws: None known, though it's entirely possible there may be more puma-type androids out there somewhere, and maybe even their creator.

Finances: Life with these two could vary great amounts in this department. Unless you yourself hold down a steady job or some other dependable source of income, you'd be likely to have periods of light poverty, but the rest of the time could be spent in the lap of luxury. As long as you didn't ask where the money and the goods they came home with one day came from.

Sex: You could have the time of your life with these two. Insatiable apetites for fun, combined with unnatural endurance, a good talent for being creative, and their previous history in dealing with such things professionally (They make marvelous erotic dancers at least.), could make for some extremely wild nights(and mornings, and afternoons....). And of course, you'd never have to worry about only sleeping with one woman for the rest of your life. They wouldn't have it any other way then both of them at once.

Overall: Life with the puma twins would never, -ever- be slow or boring. Although you'd have to take them both as a package, since they wouldn't stand for being seperated most likely, you could do worse then to enter into a union with *two* beautiful, sexy and fun-loving women. It's possible you might even find their lifestyle to your liking, and instead of settling down, go into an on-the-road, Bonnie and Clyde-like existance with them. They'd take a great amount of patience now and again if their own personalities don't mesh completely with yours, but the rewards you can reap would be well worth the effort. If you don't mind having an entirely seperate reward placed on your head along with them. ^_-

Written by: Spectral
Converted to HTML by: Jim Franks

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