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Queen Diva

Looks: Impressive. Except for four small additional eyes and a pair of barely noticeable antennae she is to all outward appearances a very beautiful human woman. In fact I would suggest that these additions enhance her appearance by adding an exotic, if not alien, aspect to it. She is quite distinctive with her dark skin and golden eyes (the main ones which, fortunately, are not compound). The only detraction from her beauty is her apparent ignorance of what to do with her rather unkempt hair. I suspect this has to do with the fact that there is no one around her who can give her the proper feedback on her grooming.

Smarts: Average though not unintelligent. She maintains herself as sole sovereign over the not insignificant empire of the Bugrom. Is ambitious but knows enough not to challenge Roshtaria given their possession of the Eye of God. And though she knew of the existence of Ifurita she had the moral capacity to not want to unleash such a power on El Hazard again. However she did give a considerable amount of power and responsibility to an obvious madman. This mistake in judgment cost her everything.

Personality: Imperial. Roshtaria notwithstanding the Bugrom represent a powerful force in El Hazard and Diva is their queen. She will not let you forget this. Hers is an ambition to rule the whole of El Hazard and not just her side of the river. If you can impress her with an ability to help her fulfill this ambition you may work yourself solidly into her good graces. If not you are likely to be regarded as a Roshtarian spy.

Home Economics: As with all queens Diva does nothing to maintain her home. She has her minions for that. Expect that Bugrom servants will be taking care of the needs of your household for as long as Diva rules. Besides, given the size of the Bugrom palace it is unlikely that only two people could maintain it anyway.

Combat Skills: Unknown as we've not seen Diva fight. If, however, Bugrom culture parallels that of terrestrial hive insects then Diva must have the fighting skills required to challenge and kill any rival queens vying for her throne. While Diva possesses many aspects of insect anatomy we've not seen anything like a stinger. This does not mean it isn't there as many insects retract their stings when they are not needed. Besides, as with most hive insects there are plenty of others to do the fighting for Diva should she ever come under attack.

Special Abilities: None directly exhibited. She does appear to have wings which quiver when she's excited but this does not necessarily mean she can fly with them. They may only be aspects of her clothing coming as they do from the carapace she wears.

Competition: Jinnai Katsuhiko. Though there is nothing to suggest any romantic tension between them Diva is highly impressed by Jinnai's drive, ambition and success in leading the Bugrom army against Roshtaria. While Jinnai may be a disaster as a romantic catch, Diva has yet to realize this so you will have to match Jinnai accomplishment per accomplishment. This shouldn't be a problem as Jinnai's a loser at almost anything he tries provided a competitor is in the area. He may certainly try to kill you if you threaten his budding empire so be on your guard where he is concerned. Be warned also that he possesses the power to communicate with the Bugrom and the Bugrom seem to have an affinity for him.

In-Laws: Diva does not appear to have any family. We cannot even be certain if she has parents in any conventional sense of the word. For all we know she may have come from an egg as do most insects. Suffice it to say that this will be a clear area presenting little to no concern.

Finances: As a queen money is of no concern to her within the borders of the Bugrom empire. It does not even appear that the Bugrom empire has developed the kind of economy that requires money. If you're do have any dealings in Roshtaria though (which is likely as the Bugrom empire is now history) you will have to earn the money. It is unlikely that Diva could be considered employable and even more unlikely that she would entertain the thought of working for a living. Once a queen always a queen and she will expect you to maintain her in a close to the style she has grown accustomed to.

Sex: Risky. While she is certainly beautiful and appears to have all of the right parts in the right places she is still an insect. And it is fairly common among many insect species for the female to kill and consume her consort right after mating. Given her strikingly sexy appearance this may be a risk worth taking. Even male black widow spiders manage to get away every once in a while. In any case expect it to be an exotic experience and bone up on your entomology.

Overall: It would be difficult to come up with anything negative about Diva beyond a misguided ambition. Beautiful, intelligent and, despite being a queen, approachable. Granted things are likely to be a little spartan given Diva's insect based aesthetic but with Diva around the decor would be the least of your concerns.

Written by: Kyle Pope
Converted to HTML by: Jim Franks

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