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Rally Vincent

Looks: A genuinely attractive young woman, with her deep brown eyes and coppery skin adding to her appeal (she probably has her fair share of scars, but they are mostly small and 'decorative' so far). Lean and athletic, her figure is complimented by the business-like outfits she prefers when working at either job. Be warned that stress or disfiguring injury may eventually take itās toll on her appearance if she continues to indulge in her 'hobby'.

Smarts: Impressive. Rally is an expert in any and all things related to the design, construction, maintanance, and capabilities of most 20th century firearms. In addition, runs a fairly lucrative small business as a gunsmith in addition to her hobby as a bounty hunter. She has an instinctive gift for planning (so long as certain 'Business Partners' don't throw wrenches into the works) as well as a knack for improvisation under fire even under the most extreme conditions.

Personality: Refreshingly sane. At 19, the _very_ unpleasant aspects of humanity Rally often deals with have not come close to souring her on people in general and she retains a high (sometime foolishly so) reluctance to kill if it is remotely avoidable and will not endanger innocents even if it means her own life. She is fiercely loyal to (and can sometimes prove insufferably overprotective of) those she is close to so expect to be shielded from danger whether or not you think it appropriate. Her only two vices... make that obsessions... are cars and guns, it would be unwise to ask her to part with either for you.

Home Economics: She and Minnie May Hoskins seem to keep the suburban home they share rather well kept (the latter seems to do most of the cooking though). Know that Rally has apparantly learned self reliance at an early age and will not have any tolerance for waiting on you hand and foot. (Warning: the car(s) and arsenal/firing range _will_ be kept spotless, Or Else)

Combat Skills: Hand to hand she's fairly good, capable of disarming and a cocky street thug within seconds, but would probably get taken apart by a highly skilled opponent. However, Rally Vincent is a world-class sharpshooter who has refined the creative use of firearms to a martial art. There are limits (a Saturday Night Special is useless to anyone at 50 meters), but if there is a loaded gun on her person or within reach she can probably disarm or kill anyone non-bulletproof in a hearbeat.

Special Abilities: Her eyesight, coordination, and reflexes border on the inhuman, and her skill with guns has already been discussed. In addition, her driving skills are rivaled or surpassed by only one man in Chicago. She is also a reasonably skilled businesswoman and strategist.

Competition: Not much aside from her jobs and hobbies. There may be something beginning to percolate between her and a detective in the local precinct of the CPD (more on his part than her's), but if you gain her attention it would probably die stillborn as he pines away silently.

In Laws: No data forthcoming on Rally's mother and her East Indian father has been missing for years, so the closest you will come is her business partner and housemate May Hoskins. She's pining away to some extent for her own missing lover so she will probably make no move to steal you away (rest assured, risque jokes aside there is nothing romantic between her and Rally either). Expect her to be a fixture in your lives even if you two or she moves out, and aso expect an... explosive reaction Rally comes to heartbreak or harm because of you.

Children: Convincing Rally to have children is a potential problem given that she is a confirmed career woman. More importantly, given the nature of her bounty hunting work and antisocial attitudes of her targets she is fairly likely to leave any children she bears orphaned at an early age. It would be best to hold off on procreation until she can be convinced to give up her self-proclaimed 'hobby'.

Finances: Nice. Her gun store runs firmly in the black and her income from bounty-hunting is nothing to sneeze at (the words "Plus Expenses" are lovely to hear when the car gets totaled _again_). Rally's weakness for guns would be less of a drain on her savings than one may think given her police contacts and gift for haggling, and she may have a few long term investments tucked away somewere.

Sex: Rally has had little if any experience thus far, but would probably a fairly enthusiasic and agressive bedmate once things got going (don't expect her to indulge in the more exotic techniques unless Minnie May has been giving her pointers ;). You may want to note that she's at her most... enthusiastic after an hour or so on the firing range (take this as you will).

Overall: The big problem is her bounty hunting and the number of enemies she leaves alive (people tend to hold grudges when they lose thumbs or hands), and any involvement with her would be very stressful and quite possibly fatal to the relationship (not to mention you) because of this. If you can work past this or convince her to retire you would probably have a blissful life together although it's length may be another thing entirely.

Written by: H. Torrance Griffin
Converted to HTML by: Jim Franks

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