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Rei Hino

Alias: Sailor Mars, Raye

Looks: I've got to admit I'm a sucker for the long straight black hair. And those long lovely legs are nice too. She's (if possible) even more of a fashion buff than the other Senshi.

Smarts: Average. Her plan to date Mamoru actually worked fairly decently. Wasn't her fault their relationship was doomed. Does okay in school despite frequent monster-hunting.

Personality: Quick-tempered, a bit petty. Anime and manga fan! (Big plus) Note that she was nice to Mamoru while they were dating. Likes to take charge and is quite capable of doing so.

Cooking: Never learned more than the basics. Tends to order fast food instead. (Not a good seamstress either...)

Fighting Skills: Adequate. DIC claims she knows karate, but this is never shown on screen.

Special Abilities: As Sailor Mars, various fire-based attacks. Also has some supernatural effects related to her religious status (fire-reading and exorcism papers, in particular) and two very helpful ravens.

Competition: Yuuchiro (aka Chad). While he obviously likes her, she seems to think of him more as something to look at until someone better comes along. You could be that someone.

In-Laws>: Grandfather. The lecherous Shinto priest. He'll probably want to conduct the wedding ceremony (you *were* planning to raise the kids Shinto, weren't you? :-) and embarrass everyone by coming on to any good-looking relatives you have.

Economics: Running a small Shinto shrine isn't exactly a moneymaker. Rei has a few different careers in mind, and might actually succeed at singing. Eventually though she wants to have a family.

Sex: Passionate, but when she wants it and only when she wants it.

Overall: If you can take the temper and her wacky grandfather, a good choice. Avoid if you think the man should be absolute ruler of his house, though.

Written by: SKJAM!
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