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Ryoga Hibiki

Alias: P-chan, Charlotte

Looks: Studly. I think that little fang we see every so often is kind of cute. As a pig, he's apparently very cute. His clothes tend to be well-worn and covered with the effects of long journeys on foot. (First thing to do: give him a hot bath!)

Smarts: Admittedly not the brightest boy on Earth, though I suspect that his "direction problem" is not due to stupidity per se (see below.)

Personality: Stubborn, vengeful, devoted to Akane. Prone to depression.

Cooking: I don't know about following recipes, but you can bet he's learned to prepare his own food in the wild. Willing to eat Akane's food regardless of danger.

Fighting Skills: Excellent. Just a bit behind Ranma, and a new technique will temporarily push him beyond, only to fall behind once Ranma trains to defeat it.

Special Abilities: Very strong, razor sharp bandanas, rock-breaking finger, heavy-emotion fueled ki blast, maybe some others, plus he turns into a piglet. Probably knows at least a smattering of many languages to ask directions in.

Competition: Akane, the pig-loving girl, Ranma. While Ryoga is so devoted to Akane's happiness that he would rip the still-beating heart from his chest for her if she needed a transplant, she just thinks of him as a good friend. The pig-loving girl will be harder to beat, since she likes his most annoying (to him) feature. Ranma just does that "instant fiancee" thing to annoy Ryoga; punt him and he'll go away.

In-Laws: None that I know of. And I think I know why. You notice that whenever Ryoga gets lost, he always tries to find his way back to the Tendou dojo or Furikan High? Ordinarily, one would expect him to say once in a while, "gee, I should drop by home too." But I think the reason he can't find his way is because he doesn't #want# to go home. Home, for whatever reason, is so painful to him, that his subconcious mind has given him an excuse for never returning. If he can't find his way, he can't be expected to go there, right? This may also explain why he is so strongly affected by women being nice to him...

Economics: Well, the rock-breaking finger does have its uses in construction and such, but you'll have to find a way to get him to and from work each day without losing him. (Though if I'm right, your pure love might break the mental block.)

Sex: Grateful, though shy. He hasn't quite learned how to control his strength in relation to his emotions, so be careful in those clinches.

Overall: What's not to love? He's handsome like a pig, loyal like a pig, strong like a pig....

Written by: SKJAM!
Converted to HTML by: Jim Franks

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