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Looks: Exotic. Her features can best be described as elven, and her figure is not anything to sneeze at; but her most striking features are her spikey mane of cyan hair, catlike golden eyes, and slightly noticable fangs (now I see what drives the Ryoga lovers crazy ;) Brains: Average, though cunning. She has had over a millennia to aquire wisdom (not counting the 700 years buried in Yosho's backyard), but seems to have squandered much of it.

Personality: Impulsive, undisiplined, and lazy as sin. She seems to have had little experience dealing with personal responsibility or society in the past. On the other hand she is fiercely loyal and rather forgiving of others (I'm not sure to what extent her destructive streak is due to Kagato's influence)

Cooking (and housework in general): You're kidding, right? Then again she _might_ try it to prove something or be nice, but she has little idea what food is supposed to _not_ taste like and is immune to most toxins. Get her a cookbook fast.

Fighting Skills: Compitent brawler with a talent for swordplay. Probably has had no formal training.

Special Abilities: HOOO-BOY! Flight, Energy Blasts/Sword, Intangebility, Survival in Hard Vacume(sp?), Teleportation, Matter Rearrangeing (golems come in handy), etc. She has yet to tap her full power (needs all three gems on Tenchi's sword to do so) but she could generate Radiant Hawk Wings unaided if she did. Oh yeah, she has a mental link with both Washu and Ryo-oh-ki.

In-Laws: Washu (Mother/Creator) and Ryo-oh-ki (de facto Sister). Ryo-oh-ki is naturally affectionate and rather hard to antagonize (cabbit and humanoid forms are painfully endearing as well). Washu... well she has a harder time relating to others than her daughter (she plays the Full Blown Mad Scientist to the hilt quite often) but has a distinct kind streak.

Compitition: Masakai Tenchi. He seems indifferent to her romantically (ARE YOU _BLIND_ MAN!!!!!), but unless he says or does something abnormally cruel to Ryoko any attempt to win her heart is a _major_ struggle.

Economics: No skills that apply to a "normal" job (sorry, but ex-space pirate and planetary vandal do _not_ look good on a resume) and her laziness would work against her in the job market, but her abilities could be used profitably in almost any industry if push comes to shove. Then again, her mom has enough cash or potential sources of income to mooch off of.

Sex: Aggressive. Her idea of 'quiet seduction' could get her arrested for Lewd Conduct or Sexual Assault in some jurisdictions. Prepare for long and tiring nights (and days) on a regular basis.

Overall: A potential headache, but her capacity for devotion may make up for it.

Written by: Harvey Torrance Griffin
Converted to HTML by: Jim Franks

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