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Umi Ryuuzaki

Looks:Great. Don't like the bluish hair, tho. But that's not really a problem. She'll grow up into one of those "classical" beauties that never seems to grow old, just fade....

Smarts: Possibly the smartest of the three-she lead them for the first part of the series. Smarter than she looks, and she looks VERY smart.

Personality: Like her Elemental aspect, she is calm and serene, but can rapidly boil up into a tempest. Honorable and very much "in control" of herself, if not others. She warms up a lot during the series, but she still has the sea with her.

Cooking: Unknown.

Fighting Skills: In terms of raw skill, she is the greatest of the three Magic Knights. Trained as a fencer, she will use her skills to decieve, trick, and get you into the right position for the final blow. Unless they're supernaturally/technologically augmented(i.e. Ryouko, Tenchi, DBZ characters), she'll wipe the floor with anyone who isn't as well trained as her. The other two Magic Knights can keep up with her, but barely.

Special Abilities: Not as much an "offensive" fighter in terms of powers, her Water Dragon attack can still inflict a lot of damage. As well, she can summon her own magical construct, like the other two Magic Knights. May have further powers, but I'm not really too sure (I've only seen up to Ep. 27).

Competition: Ascott, and maybe Cleff. Though Ascott has a crush on all the Knights, he's more attracted to Umi's personality than Hikaru's attitude.

In-Laws: Unknown on either Cefiro or Earth. Possibly a father and mother, but that's open to debate.

Economics: Depends. On Earth, she's still a Junior High School student. But on Cefiro, if her rank as a Magic Knight implies a royalty title, she might have lands, money, and servants when she grows older.

Sex: She's still young. When she does grow up, expect a slow, classical romance. She is not for the impatient! At best, you'll turn her off. At worse, she'll run you through. But expect very fierce sex when you finally get there.

Overall: Future laywer or any carrier that involves methodology and patience, she is the most "rulerable" Magic Knight-patient and loyal, she counterbalances the demure Fuu and the firey Hikaru. If someone has to be crowned Empress, Umi would be the best canidate.

Written by: Jon Souza aka: NoDUI
Converted to HTML by :Jim Franks

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