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Looks: Not bad at all. Long brown hair and a nice bod! Seems to keep in shape, or maybe it's her 4 jobs that do that. Good looking enough to be thought of by Tamari as a match for the idol singer Miho Utsue. Well- endowed, in contrast to the waifish Key.

Smarts: She not quite Wasyuu, but she's a long ways from Mihoshi. I'd say she has better than average intelligence. The fact that she has her own place in Tokyo and manages to hold down four jobs should tell you something. Plays verbal games with Tadaki which require a grasp of friendly sarcasm and irony. Smarter than she appears at first glance.

Personality: Very, very nice. Considerate to a fault. Friendly, outgoing. Doesn't lock up in a crisis; may panic, but will definitly do the right thing, even if she's hysterical for a couple of seconds. Forgiving, at least with Key. May act impulsivly on occasion, but seems to act correctly none the les.

Cooking: Hard to know. Given her overall profile, she probably can cook decently. I imagine she doesn't have time to, however. (She's not adverse to eating pizza for breakfast, either, which in my mind is a plus.)

Fighting: Unknown. If Tadaki is around, she doesn't have to. Probably no Akane Tendo, although her excellent common sense and smarts could probably let her avoid most fights.

Special Abilities: No magical or super-scientific abilities. (Or maybe she does have some... She put out a burning TV that was still plugged in with a bucket of water, and she's still alive.)

Competition: Tadaki and Key. Tadaki would be your romantic rival. A hard guy to compete with (to say the least) even if he does admit to being an otaku. Key is not a romantic rival, but Sakura is pretty attached to her. The series may be headed for love triangle with Sakura after Tadaki and Tadaki after Key, though...

In-Laws: Unknown. Surely has some, but seems to be a pretty independent type. I doubt they'd be any problem.

Economics: She works 3-4 jobs (probably part-time) to hold down her apartment in Tokyo. And even then, she can sometimes struggle to make ends meet. Don't expect any free rides; you'd be working as hard as she does.

Sex: Normal. Of course, remember her work schedule... you're not going to have time for a whole lot. (Which is too bad, IMO.)

Overall: Sakura would an excellent choice if you were marginally wealthy and could afford to get a good residence and make a comfortable living. Free her from a couple of those darn jobs and she would make a very good wife.

Written by:Ben Cantrick
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