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Sasami / Tsunami

Looks : Well, if we're talking marriage prospects, it's pretty safe to assume we'd be talking about Sasami when she's all grown up.  It is pretty firmly established that the human form that Tsunami takes is the image of the adult Sasami.  And in fact, they are the same person.  Much to the horror of Aeka and Ryoko, Sasami will be probably the most beautiful of all the Tenchi girls.  A striking resemblance to Achika (Tenchi's mother) is also pretty apparent.  More the classic beauty look rather than a "hot babe" look.

Smarts : Above average.  She probably couldn't do anything too mentally involved, but DOES have the best understanding of Jurai powers (that should almost go w/o saying) -- which is something that even baffles Washu.

Personality : An extreme tendency to get emotionally attached to everybody and everything.  That stands out above all else.  She's not without her depth, though.  At least 1 full OAV episode was dedicated to just that much about her.

Home Economics : Assimilating with a goddess has made her a goddess in this respect.  "Eat well" is an understatement if she's your cook or managing home finances.  And whenever she's not taking part in some semi-pivotal point in the storyline, she's doing something around the house.

Combat Skills : Ummm.... Not much on her own part, but she does control the most powerful spaceship in all of existence and beyond.

Special Abilities : Controls the unbeatable ship, can heal anyone who's not completely dead, and can also restore the life of already dead Jurai royals.  Also has clairvoyance when asleep -- particularly in regards to danger of some sort.  Can form Tsunami (the ship) even through the power of a lower-generation tree.

Competition : Tenchi.  For most of the Tenchi-tachi, you'd expect that means you might as well give up.  Note, though, that she gets emotionally attached to anyone.  That increases your chances with her, not to mention the fact that she also wouldn't mind that much if Ryoko or Aeka got Tenchi, because their happiness is just as important to her.  Of course, since she does get emotionally attached to everybody, that could mean you'd lose her as quickly as you won her -- not that there would be any adultery involved... Sasami is probably not capable of that.  You'd just be unable to spend as much time w/ her.  She also seems to have inherited her mother's love for anything cute (although clearly not as severe).  In that light, you could probably also throw in Ryo-Ohki.  On top of which, she's probably not all that willing to leave Tenchi and his family even if she's married to someone else.  So you might as well just say -- Everyone who lives in Tenchi's house.

In-laws : Aeka, Asuza, Misaki, Funaho, Yosho(Katsuhito), Tenchi, Nobuyuki.  Plus, the Tenchi-tachi pretty much family to her, so you can throw in Ryoko, Mihoshi, & Kiyone.

Finances : Uuuuuuh........ She's royalty -- Money is hardly a problem.  Even so, she's shown that she's capable of earning money when necessary.  Anybody know the exchange rate between Jurai and Yen?

Sex : Hmmm...  It was written in the Tenchi 101 that Jurai princesses are brought up to learn certain *ahem* techniques.  Don't expect that Sasami was taught any of these -- she's just too young.  Of course, Aeka is pretty aware of them all, and she's always available to give Sasami pointers.  She's certainly well aware of what married life means in terms of sex -- and it's certainly not the sitcom definition...  So she deserves some reciprocation, damn it!!

Overall : Mildly difficult to win over on the whole, but if you do, you've got the towering spectacle of perfection in the palm of your hands.

Written by : C.P.I. / ASMiNC   directly to HTML.

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