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Shampoo (X'ian Pu?)

Looks: Plush and curvy, Shampoo has what the boys like. Her hairdo is a little funky, but attractive. I suspect that after marriage she'll put on some poundage.

Smarts: While not a complete idiot (the dialect unfairly makes her sound that way) definitely on the dull side of average. The word "bimbo" comes to mind.

Personality: Bubbly and childlike. Unfotunately, also childish and like most Takahashi characters way too stubborn for her own good.

Cooking: At lest adequate. Cologne actually does most of the cooking at the Neko Restaurant, but it's a safe bet she's taught her favorite descendant the basics. Also, Shampoo has felt confident enough in her skills to compete against Ukkyo.

Fighting Skills: Excellent. She was the champion of her village (known for women warriors) until defeated by Ranma.

Special Abilities>: Very strong, and can turn into a cat. The latter could be a plus or minus, depending on your tastes. (For Ranma, sadly, a minus.)

Competition: Ranma and Mousse. Ranma would be willing to give her up, but Mousse is going to fight. More annoyingly, you must defeat Shampoo herself to qualify for marriage. (See Fighting Skills, above.)

In-Laws: Cologne, Shampoo's ancestor. She mostly seems concerned with making sure Shampoo is happy, so if you do good by the cat-girl, you should be fine, but if you mess up,,,, I believe Shampoo has a living father, but he seems to be a non-entity.

Economics: Shampoo has experience as a waitress and delivery person for the Neko restaurant. However, she is likely to quit her job to devote her time to raising a family.

Sex: Uninhibited. Shampoo is probably willing to go along with whatever pleases her mate. You want to try all the posistions in the Kama Sutra? No problem. However, she's looking to get pregnant at the first opportunity, so no "safe" sex. And she'll definitely not be interested in sharing you.

Overall: Not the worst selection you could make, if her strong points match your needs.

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