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Sharon Apple

Looks: Whatever she wants to be. Personally, I really like the red-head look she did in the concert in Episode 2, but her "forms" are really good. Can drive most other women into contracts with the Devil.

Smarts: Supercomputer intellegence combined with access to every known library via the macross-equvilant of the Internet. You figure it out.

Personality: I'd have to say that her long-term exposure to Myung caused her to develop a very "obsessive" personality. She wants to give the people she loves the ultimate emotion, then fears it enough that she'll kill them after they get it-so that they can't get anything better, and prove her wrong and irrelivant. However, with a excellent shrink and the computer equivlant of Prozac, she might actually be a good person to be around.

Cooking: Possibly pretty good-she'd need to use robots to do it, or get a cybernetic body.

Fighting Skills: None physically, but she can probably plot out attacks and defenses, then manipulate things to her advantage.

Special Abilities: Hypnotic music and very fast processing times. She can counter just about anything, and it's only human "randomness" that will get in her way.

Competition: Marji and Myung. Marji is obsessed with proving that the soul doesn't need a human body to reside in, and will do anything to protect his "toy". Myung, however, is directly competing with Sharon Apple for Guld and Isamu. And Sharon Apple knows that, without a doubt, she is what Myung was.

In-Laws: Unknown.

Economics: Universe-famous superstar. Her concerts are possibly up in the seven digits in profits, and she can make anyone she loves live very comfortably.

Sex: Assuming she doesn't kill you afterwards, she'll constantly top the last time you had sex with her. But you'll either have to "jack in" to her or get Sharon Apple a body of her own.

Overall: If she's sane, and has a body, I recommend taking her and never looking back. If she's loopy, run. If she doesn't have a body, be a very good friend of hers. Having Sharon Apple as a friend is a very good thing. Assuming, of course, she doesn't kill you.

Written by: Jon Souza aka: NoDUI
Converted to HTML by: Jim Franks

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