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Sheela Sheela

Looks: Exotic. Spikey, deep red hair. Dark skin. Tends to wear a red one-piece outfit that reaches mid-thigh. Height: average. Has been known to wear a seductive smile. Well-endowed and not afraid to show it off to other girls.

Smarts: Average. Falls for some tricks, but easily sees through others. Is able to learn from experience. Her emotions constantly blur her judgement, however.

Personality: Tends to violence. In most cases, remains smug when entering battle. A single spark, whether it be a negative comment on her looks or competence, can set her fuming. As stated above, her emotions can cloud her judgement at times.

Cooking: Unknown.

Fighting Skills: Good, though unfocused at times. Can handle herself well in a fight. However, she is prone to the direct approach.

Special Abilities: Can produce a butterfly-shaped ki field around her, from which she can produce projectiles. The field can serve the purpose of a shield, as well as granting her limited flying abilities.

Competition: Makoto, Alliele. She happens to be romantically interested in Makoto due to the Tenchi Syndrome (TM), and may not be so willing to give up on him. Alliele, however, is infatuated with "Sister Sheela" and uses every opportunity to come on to her. Reminding her of Fatora won't work, so your best bet is to pair her off with someone else in the immediate vicinity (Nanami?).

In-Laws: Miz, Afura. Though not family, they are Sheela's fellow Priestesses. Neither of them will stand in your way unless they have reason to suspect you're no good for her.

Economics: Nobody seems to know what kind of cash a Priestess of Mount Muldoon makes. On the bright side, such a Priestess most likely lives off the fringe benefits of her occupation.

Sex: Shy at first. When she gets to know you better, she'll become aggressive, though she may slow down for you. Very flexible and open to almost anything you suggest. Provided, of course, that she's willing to be "involved" with you in the first place.

Overall: Tends to be a lit fuse, but she means well. Deserves a try, especially if you're into masochism and the exotic.

Written by: Paul Cordeiro
Converted to HTML by: Jim Franks

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