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Inuzuka Shino Moritaka

Looks: Very nice. Classically handsome, in a fine-boned, serious sort of way. Likes the traditional look, though if he decides to grow his hair long again, he may look better in your wedding outfit than you do.

Smarts: Seems quite intelligent, and a natural leader. More of a fighter than a scholar, but presumably literate.

Personality: Serious to the point of solemnity, but his life has not been exactly hilarious. Loosens up considerably around his "brothers", and may do the same around you once he's bonded a bit. Honorable to the point of excess at times; you may need to keep an eye on him to make sure his naivete doesn't land him in deeper trouble than it has already (i.e., considerable). Traumatized by spectacular parental demise (a familial tradition). Responsible to an extreme. If you ask him to do something, he'll do it or die trying. Literally.

Cooking: Since he grew up with no one but his father for an unspecified amount of time, then spent a year rambling around the countryside, he can presumably keep himself fed at least adequately. Will probably be more than happy to cede the kitchen to you, however.

Fighting Skills: Awesome. No need for high-faluting ki-blasts; he's a warrior who's been training with a sword since before he could walk. You can probably track him quite easily by the swath of unintentional devastation in his wake (but that's true for the other seven, too). Watch out for him: he's a berserker.

Special Abilities: Can take out thirty armed guards by himself, *and* keeps the Dog Warriors together. What more do you need?

Competition: Hamaji, Hamaji, and Hamaji. She'll have to be dead before he'll even look at another woman, and even that won't make a lot of difference, as he's tenacious enough to carry a torch for a *long* time. On the bright side, if he decides you're the one (and Hamaji is somehow out of the picture), he's yours for life. He may, however, spend a lot more time out with the boys than staying at home.

In-Laws: Good news and bad news here. Bansaku will make a good, if stern, father-in-law (presuming he lives that long), but you'll be stuck with (boo, hiss) Hikiroku and Kamezasa. Make sure you can hold your own with the in-fighting. On the bright side, you get Hamaji and Sosuke as siblings-in-law. Win some, lose some. Oh, yes: you get the rest of the Dog Warriors coming over a lot.

Economics: While not exactly living high off the hog, he seems to get by. Maybe you can hit his aunt and uncle up for cash (and mortgage your soul in the process). Will not throw away your hard-earned money by gambling, unlike some "brothers" we could mention.

Sex: As a healthy adolescent, he will probably be quite happy with your loving, and is responsible enough to make sure you have fun too. May call out Hamaji's name at intimate moments; try not to take it personally. You may be awakened at odd moments by his prophetic nightmares.

Parenting: His sense of responsibility will probably carry over to this arena as well. He had an excellent role model in his own father, and will likely be as devoted to his own kids as Bansaku was to him. However, if the familial pattern holds through for another generation, any offspring will be traumatized for the rest of their lives by witnessing their father dying in a spectacularly messy fashion. Insist on life insurance.

Overall: Not too shabby, if you can keep him alive and out of pitched battles with demonic forces. Keep your life insurance paid up. And your house insurance.

Written by: Theresa Wymer
Converted to HTML by: Jim Franks

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