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Looks : Has the type of cuteness you'd associate with a little girl.  Although, she seems to be able to flit from that to an acid, sharp look.  Never loses either.  A modest frame and short red hair seems to fit everything else about her.  Not very tall, but it's not all that noticeable.

Smarts : Hmmmmmmmmm....  Between her and Orson, Orson's the real thinker of the group -- which is not to say she'll jump into a fight without a plan.  She just doesn't formulate them all that often.  Seems to have a fairly good knowledge of medicine.

Personality : Pretty headstrong, but not nearly as much as Parn was in the beginning of the series.  Also has a slight tendency to keep things bottled up, except maybe around Orson, anyway.  Her brashness, though, comes from some scars on her heart dating back to the Marmo attacking her village.  That will probably change or at least quiet down considering that threat is mostly, but not completely, gone.

Home Economics : Seeing as how she hasn't really had a home for so long, I doubt she knows much about that.  But living out in the woods and the occasional purchase/stealing of food means she knows how to take care of herself if forced to.  It's doubtful whether she knows much about household anything, though -- or even whether she would be willing to learn.

Fighting Skills : Great, but she doesn't seem to get much better over time. Never gets anywhere near Parn's level.

Special Abilities : None, really, other than keeping Orson in check.  She's an ordinary person, after all.

Competition : Well, Parn, for one.  It's pretty clear that Parn has feelings for Deedlit, only, though.  And it's pretty clear to Shiris as well -- she'll forget about him eventually.  Aside from him, there's Orson.  They've been friends for too long not for something to happen.  On top of which, Shiris is the only one so far to have a calming effect on Orson, so he'd almost HAVE to stick with her forever.  If he doesn't, he could become the Legendary Super Saiya-jin and... oops.  uh...  go berserk and no one would be around to break him out of the spell.

In-laws : None known.  Her family was killed when Marmo soldiers attacked her village, so they wouldn't be alive even if the viewers were told about them.

Finances : Well, she certainly knows the value of money, but she's only lived day to day on money she made from being a sword-for-hire.  Definitely isn't familiar with the idea of having a budget to manage or anything like that.  She'd probably go hog-wild if she was given the numbers in some weekly budget.

Sex : Likely to be enthusiastic and energetic.  Probably doesn't think much about the more elaborate end of things.  Occasional bondage is about it.  Maybe not even THAT much -- you just can't expect someone who's lived such a sheltered life to have such things on her mind.  Regardless, you can expect a lot out of her -- not to mention a lot of times. ^_^

Overall : If you're willing to put up with a tagalong in Orson -- then you've got a refreshingly normal pick.  Something very rare in Anime girls.

Written by: C.P.I. / ASMiNC  Directly to HTML.

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