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Inukawa Sosuke Yoshito

Looks: Not classically handsome, but appealing in a snubnosed, wide-eyed fashion. Looks a bit younger than he actually is, so he should age well.

Smarts: Not brilliant, but by no means stupid. Has a tendency to stick around in situations a sane person would flee in a heartbeat, and usually gets pounded for it. You may have to bail him out a lot.

Personality: Amazingly sweet-tempered for someone who grew up in such a warped environment. Combines this with hot-headedness, and a habit of jumping in the middle of a situation without thinking things through all the way. Has amazingly determined loyalty and sense of responsibility, which can unfortunately backfire on him when manipulated by nasties. Innocent, almost naive at times. Basically, a real sweetheart.

Cooking: Has probably slaved over the cauldron a few times as Hikiroku's manservant. Can probably keep himself fed well enough, as he's spent a fair amount of time tramping around the countryside with the other Dog Warriors.

Fighting Skills: The boy is a Timex: takes a licking and keeps on ticking. Has amazing natural ability with his bokken, and can get the better of assorted evil beings even when outnumbered four to one or so. Highly resiliant, and bounces back even after being exposed to all sorts of torture. If you're ever in trouble, this man will step in and thoroughly whip whoever's bothering you--that is, unless he doesn't get doublecrossed and end up in a worse situation than you started out with.

Special Abilities: Tenacious loyalty, can extinguish a flame with a sword blow. Would walk through fire without a second thought to save a loved one.

Competition: Hamaji, but his affection for her appears to be more brotherly than sexual.

In-Laws: Mostly dead, but he was raised as a virtual slave to Hikiroku and Kamezasa. Pray they don't try to "adopt" you. His "brothers", of course, will be around constantly, but that should be okay. Hamaji would make a terrific sister-in-law.

Economics: Not too great. No income of his own, but if he gets that job with the Satomi clan he might get a nice stipend. You should probably have your own money, or know where you can get a steady job.

Sex: Probably fun. You may have to initiate him, as he doesn't appear to be terribly experienced, but he'd probably approach it with all the wide-eyed enthusiasm he seems to give a lot of nice things.

Parenting: Give him a little time to mature, but he should make a fine father, both playful and responsible. He seems to have been close to his parents, so should do well with his own kids.

Overall: You could do a lot worse. Bring your own cash and see if you can restrain him from leaping into situations he hasn't thought through, or where he might be manipulated beyond his control.

Written by: Theresa Wymer
Converted to HTML by: Jim Franks

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