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Soun Tendou

Looks: Pretty good, actually, with the long black hair and the trim build for a middle-aged man. Tends to dress down. Has an interesting selection of funny faces when upset.

Smarts: Enough to get some prime real estate in Tokyo and found his own dojo. Plays a decent game of go or shogi.

Personality: Rather lazy. Spends most of his time lounging around the house. Tends to be highly emotional. Scared stiff ofHapposai.

Cooking: He's got Kasumi for that. Learned to get by on relatively little food while training.

Fighting Skills: Adequate. Has his own dojo, but is almost never seen training, or teaching students other than Akane.

Special Abilities: "Floating Head with Long Tongue" face, ability to keep dojo open despite no visible means of support.

Competition: None, that I know of.

In-Laws: Kasumi, Nabiki, Akane (actually step-daughters); maybe Ranma and Genma (oh, and Nodoka...). Kasumi might feel a little jealous, after all, she's been the woman of the house for years now, but she'll never show it. Nabiki and Akane might be more unaccepting, especially if their new mom is very young. And if you're especially cute, watch out forHapposai.

Economics: Well, if you can get Soun off his butt and back to active teaching, the dojo might actually become self-supporting.

Sex: Well, he's had some experience, but he hasn't had anypractice lately. Might try for a son if the new wife is young enough.

Overall: Hey, at least he's more mature than most of the other prospects on this show.

Written by: SKJAM!
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