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Alias : Bu Shunkaku (Real name)

Looks: Bishonen to the max. His angelic face and short blond hair are likely to make most girls fall in love with him especially if they like Leonardo DiCaprio. If he existed in the real world he could easily make a living as a model or movie star with his looks.

Smarts: Average but is prone to going into an emotional rage which clouds his judgement. With some Prozac or Valium he can probably get by on a day to day basis.

Personality: Obessive, Pyschotic, and overly protective. Suboshi is not a boy you take home to meet your parents. If he cares for you than he will probably kill for you as well. Suboshi could benefit from a life time of pyschologists appointments as well as anti-pyschotic drugs to control his rages. Some time in a mental institution could not hurt as well.

Cooking/Home Ec: Probably poor. After his parents died, Suboshi's twin brother Ameboshi took care of him so Suboshi probably does not know about things like cooking.

Fighting Skills: While armed with his Ryuusei, Suboshi is a deadly fighter. No normal human being would be able to match him. When Suboshi fights he goes out for the kill, literaly. The only person ever to fight aganist Sunoshi successfuly was Tamahome.

Special Abilities: Telekinsis, He also has an empathetic bond with his twin brother, Ameboshi.

Competition: Suboshi is obesvivly in love with Yui Hongo. However, he also seems to be the type of person to fall in love with any girl who is nice to him, so it might be possible to make him fall in love with you. Suboshi would probably be highly suspectible to the charms of an older woman.

In-laws: Ameboshi, Suboshi's twin brother and better half. Suboshi is fierecly protective of his twin brother and will kill anyone who harms his brother or who he thinks harm's his brother. If you want to be Suboshi's lover it is a good idea to be best buddies with Ameboshi

Economics: Hard to say. As a Seiru Seishi, Suboshi probably leads a very comfortable life in the Emperor's palace but that situation could end at any time.

Sex: Can go one of two ways. Suboshi could be the ultimate submissive who will obey his woman's every command because he seems to worship the women he loves as living Goddess'. Or his pyschotic nature can come out, if this happens you can expect heavey bondage and a lot of sado-masochism with you playing the role of the masochist.

Overall: Suboshi's negative aspects vastly outway his positive aspects. After many years of pyschotherapy, he might make a decent partner but he will need a woman that also plays the role of mother just as much. There are hundreds of men who are better than Suboshi. However, if you like to live life on the wild side than Suboshi might just be the type of boy you need.

Written by : Dale Ratner
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