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Sylia Stingray

Looks: Attractive. While she's not exactly a SuperModel(tm), her trim figure has benifited from her *ahem* workouts and is decorated by well tailored (if slightly severe) business suits. Her face is often described as ageless, with none of the stress she puts herself through on a daily basis showing on her features.

Brains: Brilliant. Whether you believe the persistent rumors about artificial mental enhancement or not, it cannot be argued that she is at the cutting edge of powered armor design. Her talent in other areas are not to be sneezed at either; as indicated by her knowledge of business, military tactics, and perhaps Boomer design.

Personality: Cool, almost icy. Whether by choice, enviroment, or cerebreal hard-wiring; Sylia rarely expresses emotion even in private and has proven absolutely amoral when it comes to the tasks she set herself to (killing a man in cold blood because he saw your face is not a Nice Thing). The death of her father at the hands of Genom deeply affects her to this day, leaving her obsessed with preserving his dreams by (at the very least) checking the evil of the s that slew him and corrupted it.

Home Economics: She seems to keep her penthouse above the Silky Doll fairly well maintained and I doubt that she trusts any outside cleaning ladies in her home. I have not seen any evedence that she can cook, but it seems safe to assume that she's somewhere above Tendo Akane in that respect. Be warned, you're going to have to get her to stop smoking unless you like the stench of tobacco.

Combat Skills: Run. She uses no formal style of hand-to-hand combat; but simply unleashes quick, well placed, and rather brutal blows whenever she sees fit to deal with an assailant physically rather than kneecap him/her with her ever-present holdout pistol. In her battlesuit she is nearly 100 times more dangerous; wielding palm blasters, an arm mounted sword, and superhuman strength with consumate skill. There are those who speculate that Sylia is a cyborg or boomer herself, in which case she may have some Less Than Pleasant tricks up her sleeve for a sufficently threatening opponent

Special Abilities: As mentioned before, she is a genius in the design and constriction of bleeding-edge power armor and the weaponry associated with same. She also seems to be an adept businesswoman, running at least one wholly independent lingerie shop in the company town that is MegaTokyo and perhaps overseeing other businesses in addition to her night job as a mercenary leader.

Competition: Genom. This corporation has been the most important factor in her life ever since she was twelve and I doubt anything in this world can push it out of the limelight for long while it survives. While she at least claims to act as a balancing force against the excesses of the most important business in the nation (although it probably would not tear her apart to see it obliterated without undue harm to those who depend on it), deep down she knows that her Knight Sabres have been little more than an annoyance to Genom in the long run.

In-Laws: Mackie Stingray, The Knight Sabres. Sylia's baby brother is a good kid, and aside from trying to get photos of your wedding night he'd do nothing to interfere with you if he though she was happy. In addition to being her troops in the ongoing shadow war against Genom; Linna Yamakazi, Nene Romanova, and Priss Asagiri are the closest things to family Sylia has aside from her brother. Expect them to be a regular presence around the house (Regulation #9 be damned!) and if you hurt Sylia expect everything fom your bank account to your body to suffer.

Children: So long as Genom's a factor in her life forget it, she's probably had her tubes tied years ago. If Genom's out of the picture and MegaTokyo isn't falling in on itself she might be willing to have a few; but with her father as the only example of a parent (her mom apparently died early on) she would either be emotionally distant towards her children or go overboard in the other direction and smother them with attention. Be prepared to play the stablizing influence in the household as you pull her towards a happy medium.

Finances: Quite good. Her father's will has provided her with a good sized nest egg, which has been augmented by both her lingerie business and various income properties and investments in MegaTokyo and elsewhere. However, I doubt the Knight Sabres are a profitable venture due to the overhead and number of freebies they perform for the city.

Sex: At first glance one would expect her to be vanilla to the core; but positions of power, abnormal childhoods, high levels of stress, and outward emotional repression are often associated with sexual... eccentricities. Do not be overly suprised to find yourself bound hand and foot, gagged, and/or suspended from the ceiling at some point during your honeymoon.

Overall: So long as she has her quest to occupy her, a romantic commitment is out of the question. Even with Genom out of the way, you needs vast amounts of patience and persistance to get past her shell and I make no promises that you would like what you find underneath. Quite possibly more trouble than she is worth.

Written by: Harvey Torrance Griffin
Converted to HTML by: Jim Franks

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