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Tsujimoto Natsumi

Looks: Athletically attractive. Not one for useless frills, Natsumi sports a practical page-boy haircut over lavender eyes. Her trim form belies the considerable power it contains. Her fashion sense tends towards the practical with an emphasis on clothing suitable for motorcycle riding. However, when she chooses to Natsumi can look absolutely devastating when she dresses up. Her tomboyish demeanor notwithstanding Natsumi knows very well that she is a woman.

Smarts: Not much for esoteric learning or highly specialized skills but possessed of good common sense and street-smarts. Tends to act without thinking most of the time, believing that there is no problem that cannot be solved with a suitable application of brute force. She tends to be easily frustrated when confronted with a problem that cannot be solved in five minutes but ultimately she is nobody's fool and will not be taken advantage of.

Personality: Brash and straightforward. She has little patience with mind games as demonstrated by her direct solution to the Miyuki/Nakajima problem. She's a confirmed motorhead and enjoys screaming through the night on anything with two or four wheels (preferably two). She can be something of a meddler if she feels your problem can be solved by her style of direct action. Unfortunately she frequently looks to Nikaidou Yoriko as a source of information and Yoriko's reliability where the facts are concerned leaves much to be desired.

Home Economics: Minimally competent. Maintains her room in halfway decent order and seems to be able to whip up a fairly edible obentou. I suspect though that she will not be devoting large amounts of time insuring that your home is free of every last speck of dust. She will keep a comfortable home but expect that it will have that "lived in" look. Natsumi is too much into having fun to obsess over making the cover of "Good Housekeeping". Expect any motor vehicles you own to be spotless, however.

Combat Skills: Good with a potential for greatness. While Natsumi possesses impressive physical power her impatience is likely to send her into action with insufficient prior preparation. This would allow a weaker but more experienced opponent to defeat her quite easily. She will need to develop a head for strategy and tactics if she is to survive as a street cop over the long haul.

Special Abilities: Natsumi has the strength of most heavy construction equipment. She has demonstrated the ability to smash through tempered glass windshields with her bare knuckles, move an amount of watermelons most people would need a truck for and stop a skidding vehicle using only her feet. She can carry her motocompo as easily as it carries her as well as putting it through maneuvers that would give the Honda engineers who designed it spasms.

Competition: Kobayakawa Miyuki. Not a romantic rival but her partner on the street, which is just as bad. Partnered cops depend on each other for their lives. That kind of bond is not one easily broken. Miyuki would in no way interfere with your relationship with Natsumi and would likely be very happy for the two of you, but so long as she and Natsumi remain partners she will be a fixture in your lives. As Miyuki is one of the dearest, sweetest young women you are likely to meet this side of heaven this is not a handicap. And she'd be pretty handy to have around if you plan to own any sort of a motor vehicle.

In-Laws: Oushou. While little is known of Natsumi's immediate family her mentor and confidant is the chief priest at the local temple. He has connections with the local constabulary so just make sure you treat Natsumi right. If not the police will get their turn with you if there's anything left after Natsumi is finished pounding on you.

Finances: Natsumi appears to make a fairly decent living as a police officer and as her experience grows she will no doubt be up for several promotions and raises. Do not expect to become rich, though. She is still a public servant and dependent on the city's coffers for her living. Her spending habits seem well under control, seemingly happy with indulging only her penchant for motorcycles. While you both might live comfortably if modestly on her police salary you might want to consider a second income if you want to move beyond a utilitarian lifestyle.

Sex: Athletic and possibly dangerous if you're not physically up to par. Natsumi's enthusiasm will make her as exciting a bed partner as you could hope for especially combined with her blunt personality. But her strength can be dangerous if she loses control of it as she's likely to do if she gets lost in a vigorous sexual encounter. A month or two in a gym is highly recommended before even considering taking Natsumi to bed.

Overall: This lady will be a lot of fun to have as a wife. She's essentially a two-legged Labrador Retriever in terms of her capacity for love and loyalty. Don't expect much in the way of intense philosophical debate over the dinner table but beyond that you couldn't ask for better company either at home or out on the road.

Written by: Kyle Pope
Converted to HTML by: Jim Franks

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