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Alias: U-chan

Looks: Decent. Her habit of dressing in men's clothing could be a turn on for some prospective mates. Another one likely to put on some weight after marriage (since she won't have to battle Ranma's other fiancees and pull her stand around Japan anymore.)

Smarts: Average, although there have been genuine concerns about her sanity level. May be deteriorating from close exposure to Nerima (as evidenced by the tunnel of un-love.)

Personality: Fairly pleasant, though with a streak of that Takahashi stubborness. Daydreams.

Cooking: Expert at her narrow speciality of okonomiyaki. (Have we ever seen her cook anything else?) Probably could broaden her menu with little difficulty, as long as the preparation was similar. But I hope you really like okonomiyaki.

Fighting Skills: Good. Her unique style makes her harder to beat than she might appear.

Special Abilities: spatulas and other cooking gear used as weapons.

Competition: Ranma, Ryouga and the cross-dressing disguise lover. Ranma will give up after only a token effort; one less fiancee to worry about. Ryouga doesn't realize what a good match she'd be and vice versa; probably won't hit him until after the wedding. The cross-dresser is unlikely to pose a serious threat, though I'm willing to bet he'll jump out of the wedding cake.

In-Laws: None known.

Economics: The okonomiyaki stand is her life. A wise husband will help her turn it into a full-service restaurant. But she'd probably try to make a going concern of it wherever you move to.

Sex: Normal. But she's not going to share her husband with anyone.

Overall: A good choice if you want to be in the fast food business. If you don't you'll be breaking her heart.

Written by: SKJAM!
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