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Looks: ATSUI!! This woman's full body shot is in the dictionary as the definition of "erotic". A slender curvy form, long lean legs, ample bosom, tight butt, a cascade of wavy white hair and piercing almond-shaped green eyes leave her well qualified to carry the mantle of the Goddess of Love. As if she weren't exotic enough her goddess markings serve to set her even further from the mundane world of mortal women. And we are most fortunate in that her preferred mode of dress leaves as little of that body to the imagination as is legally permissible. If you have Urd on your arm you better have a big stick handy to beat back the drooling hoardes seeking to take her from you.

Smarts: A lot more intelligent than her intial impression would suggest. She's the Sysadmin for Yggdrasil, the vast computer that maintains the order of the universe. Kami-sama would not have given this position to Urd if she didn't have the basic smarts for so important a responsibility. Unfortunately Urd finds her duties as the Goddess of Love a lot more interesting so Yggdrasil frequently goes wanting for attention, with disastrous results for those of us who live under its influence.

Personality: Sultry. Virtually every move she makes or word she utters is a veiled come on. She is well-meaning if irresponsible, easily distracted and an irredeemable meddler. But when someone she cares about is in trouble she'll come on like a mechanized infantry division giving no concern to the rules or her own security and well-being. This is one lady to have around when your ass is in a sling. It is quite likely though that Urd would have been the one to have put your ass in that sling in the first place.

Home Economics: A disaster waiting to happen. As a goddess Urd finds the mundane aspects of life on earth boring beyond relief and will seek to entertain herself and save some work by invoking her magic. The problem is that while Urd possesses great power her precision needs a lot of work. Her attempt to clean the house would more likely result in its demolition. If you have the wealth hire servants quickly otherwise prepare to spend a lot of time cleaning up messes that Urd will be largely responsible for.

Combat Skills: Clearly eager for any fight she's presented with and she certainly has the power to back it up but her lack of precision can result in an area of destruction a lot wider than it would need to be. Urd's combat techniques are likely to be considered overkill by any objective standard. The most powerful magic she has, the Ultimate Magic Circle of Warding, packs the punch of a nuclear device. She will be certain to leap to your defense with everything she has if you were ever attacked. Just make sure you're well clear before the fight begins.

Special Abilities: Goddess Second Class, Limited License (under suspension). Can teleport through TV sets and possibly other technological devices. Can move between Heaven an earth at will (also currently under suspension). Skilled in the areas of potions and brews. Can assume a chibi form to clandestinely observe her plans. Can invoke the Ultimate Magic Circle of Warding and serves as the Goddess of Love.

Competition: None known in the anime. In the manga she has a long string of ex-lovers with Peorth being the one currently active in her life. If you think you have what it takes to take on the gods for Urd's attention then you, too, can join the chorus line. While Urd has certainly toyed with the affections of mortals I'm not sure if she would be willing to romantically connect with one. But then she does seem to have a lot of concern and affection for Keiichi given his importance to her younger sister's happiness. If you have what it takes I don't think Urd would object to your mortality. She might even be able to do something about it.

In-Laws: Nothing known about her parents but you will have to get past Kami-sama if your relationship is to have a future and rumor has it that he's a tough sell. Yggdrasil enforces the contracts made between gods and mortal but Urd is Yggdrasil's sysadmin so the Ultimate Force cannot be counted on where Urd is concerned. If you can get past Kami-sama then there is likely no further bar to your happiness with Urd by your side.

Finances: Being a goddess Urd does not need or use money. If you live on earth you will have to be the breadwinner as I shudder to think of how long Urd would put up with being an Office Lady. You might make a good living opening an occult book store with Urd as the proprietor, an idea she might even enjoy, but I wouldn't envy your having to explain to the various governing authorities the strange ingredients and even stranger effects of Urd's concoctions.

Sex: Do you really need me to explain this? She's the Goddess of Love. Cupid, Aphrodite, Ishtar, Isis all rolled up into one irresistable package. Every line of this woman's body screams sexual expertise. Your wedding night could easily last over a year with Urd's various potions keeping you going. What this woman has forgotten about sex would send Dr. Ruth into seizures. I strongly recommend that you fit your bedroom out with the most effective acoustic damping materials and technology. Not for her, for you.

Overall: Life with Urd would never be boring, that's a certainty. If you can see your way to getting out of bed she will be very eager to share the joys of your world and hers. She will require a considerable amount of patience given some of her basic ineptitudes and lack of subtlety but there's nothing about her that could be considered trying. This one's a definite winner if you can get her and keep her.

Written by: Kyle Pope
Converted to HTML by: Jim Franks

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