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Usagi Tsukino

Alias: Sailor Moon, Princess Serenity, Neo-Queen Serenity, Serena in DIC version

Looks: Pert, goofy hairdo, cuter when she calms down. Has a tendency towards fancy gowns.

Smarts: Bad in school, needs a lot of help in combat, etc. Is somewhat sharper in the manga, but still has earned the nickname "o-dango-atama".

Personality: Usually sunny, but prone to major mood swings (though she seldom stays in one emotional state for long.) Currently rather petty, but she gets better over the next thousand years.

Cooking: Poor, but likely to improve as she learns to follow recipes more closely.

Fighting Skills: Very poor. Improves somewhat as Sailor Moon, but still, it's good that she has backup.

Special Abilities: A whine that could shatter glass. As Sailor Moon, various gimmicks that heal or dispel monsters. As Princess Serenity, even more powerful stuff.

Competition: Mamoru, the arcade manager. The manager has his own girlfriend, thanks, but with Tuxedo Mask, you're dealing with destiny itself. There is hope however. We don't know exactly when in the future they marry, so tell her you have a terminal disease and will die soon, leaving her free to arrange the future.

In-Laws: Mr. and Mrs. Tsukino, Shingo, Luna. The parents seem like nice enough people, just refrain from turning into a Dark Kingdom monster in their living room and you should be okay. Shingo will probably pity you for being stuck with his sister. Luna will move in with you and give you lots of unsolicited advice.

Economics: It's a good thing Usagi has that "Queen of Crystal Tokyo" gig planned, because I don't see her holding down many other jobs, do you? Until then, I hope you can support her.

Sex: Virginal. Is waiting for her one true love so she can make it a present to him. As to her skill, you haven't heard Mamoru complain, have you?

Overall: Lovable as she is, Usagi has some major problems, and I don't recommend her to anyone not fated to her.

Written by: SKJAM!
Converted to HTML by: Jim Franks

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