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Yohko Mano

Alias: 108th Generation Devil Hunter, Yohko!

Looks: Well-built and bouncy, with a tendency to run around in slinky Chinese dresses. ^_^  Yohko favors an unsusual hairstyle involving two identical braided loops of hair on either side of her head, held in place by twin ornaments made of a mystical substance.  All-in-all, very desirable.

Smarts: I would say about average.  She's easily distracted, and often mis-quotes literature, but manages to keep her grades high enough to go to a decent school.  She does occasionally ask for tutoring from other students.

Personality: At first glance, Yohko would seem to be very flighty and irresponsible, being easily distracted by the mere thought of boys.  However, when it's time to get serious, Yohko is quite capable of doing whatever it takes to get the job done.  She may complain a bit at the necessity, but she'll do it.  The fact is, she never wanted to be a Devil Hunter, and was never told her destiny until she was 16.  She's quite happy to shirk any Devil Hunter-related duties if she can get away with it, until the demons come calling.

Cooking/Home Economics: This isn't certain.  Madoka seems to do most of the cooking and housework around Yohko's home, with only Azusa helping, but it's feasible that Yohko may have been taught some of the basics of housekeeping.  She does have to occasionally clean up the basement, though she does it with extreme reluctance, resenting the time it takes.  It's likely that on her own, Yohko will cheerfully let the dust pile up, so if you like a clean house, be prepared for arguments over whose turn it is.

Fighting Skills: Excellent.  Yohko has been trained from an early age to assume the mantle of Devil Hunter, learning many skills, including barehanded martial arts, swordfighting, and awakening instantly (though she doesn't do very well at the last one...)  She would probably be an even better fighter, if her grandmother had bothered to tell her what all this training was for.  As it was, Yohko likely had little motivation for the training until she was 16.  She is particularly suited for combat against demons, devils, and other assorted nasties from the netherrealms, which is no surprise, as her family has had over a hundred generations to perfect anti-demon tactics.

Special Abilities: Yohko possesses a special ring which transforms her into her Devil Hunter 'persona'.  Also, using this ring, Yohko can hurl energy blasts.  Combining her ring with her shemi-seki hair ornaments, she can throw ribbons of energy to temporily bind her foes.  In combination with another similar ring, Yohko can theoretically travel through time.  Yohko has never done this herself, but the ring can also be used to bring another person back from the brink of death.  Perhaps Yohko can do this, too, with more practice.  And, last but not least, Yohko can summon the 'sword of her soul', a magical weapon that can cut through almost anything.  The sword can also double as a hand axe by detaching the sword blade.  A formidable array of powers.

Competition: Any cute guy Yohko looks at!  Yohko falls in and out of love at the drop of a hat.  To her credit, she remains loyal to her current object d'amour, whether or not he's even aware of her, until it becomes clear that romance is not happening here.  At this point, her eyes will start to wander again, until she latches onto some other unsuspecting male.  Time it right, and that male could be you, so long as you're 'a little cuter than average'.  No male has ever been in her life long enough to be considered serious competition, so as long as you continue to reassure her that you're still interested in her, the field should remain clear.

In-Laws: Sayoko and Madoka Mano, Yohko's mother and grandmother, respectively.  Sayoko will likely be thrilled that her daughter is finally with someone, and will be taking you aside to offer 'motherly advice' about getting Yohko into bed, when she isn't trying to spy on the two of you, hoping to catch you doing something naughty.  Not to bust you--to watch.  That's right--Yohko's mom encourages sex before marriage.  I doubt you'd have any problems with her.  Madoka, on the other hand, waffles on the issue of pre-marital sex.  At first she encouraged Yohko to lose her virginity and start presenting her with grandchilden (so long as she waited to become a Devil Hunter first), but later changed her mind, and urged her granddaughter to wait for marriage.  Your best bet would be to avoid the subject around her.  Then there's Azusa Kanzaki.  While not technically an in-law, she is Yohko apprentice Devil Hunter, and as such will be a permanent fixture in Yohko's home until she masters the trade.  Fortunately, Azusa is cheerful and agreeable enough to not be much of an annoyance.  Lastly, there's Ayako Mano, Yohko's cousin, who has sworn to defeat Yohko and take the mantle of Devil Hunter for herself.  She's been known in the past to steal Yohko's love interests, so don't be surprised if she makes a play for you, using some kind of mind-controlling magic.

Economics: Well...Devil Hunting doesn't pay very well--like nothing, despite Chigako's efforts.  Apparently, most of the Mano family's income comes from Sayoko, who was never a Devil Hunter.  The Manos would seem to have a decent amount of assets squirreled away over the course of 108 generations, though, as evidenced by their ability to maintain a large home in Japan, which has some of the most expensive real estate in the world.  However, be prepared to be the main breadwinner in the family.

Sex: Yohko is a virgin at present, a fact that she mentions every episode of the series. ^_^ However, she appears eager to lose it to the right guy. 'The right guy' is defined as 'whoever she is currently ga-ga over', but so far, she has managed to avoid taking that final step, mostly through events out of her control, such as her current love interest getting possessed and trying to kill her.  If you manage to avoid these pitfalls yourself, you'll find yourself with an inexperienced and somewhat shy, but ultimately eager and passionate partner.

Overall: Well, with the bad luck most of her potential boyfriends get, what with being targetted for dark rites or possession all the time, or being stalked by Ayako just so Yohko won't get them, Yohko might seem like more trouble than it's worth.  But none of this is Yohko's fault, and if you're capable of getting through these experiences with your life and sanity intact, you'll find Yohko to be a very lovable girl, well worth the time and trouble it takes to win her.

Written by : Kent Magami
Converted to HTML by C.P.I.

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