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Yui Hongou

Looks: Lovely, a striking creature despite her youth. Yui encompasses both the elegance of a woman and the purity of a girl, creating a stunning balance between the two worlds. She has short blonde hair and sky-blue eyes, a thin yet ample build. Her face is often solemn and melancholy, but when Yui smiles it is a sight worth seeing. Later in the series she grows out her hair, much to the chagrin of many fans.

Smarts: Intelligent to a fault. Yui tries too hard to piece together what is happening, and in doing so she disregards Occam's Razor and tries to fill in the blanks on her own, making for some wild yet strangely coherent leaps in logic. However, she's very smart and aced all her classes in school.

Personality: Warm and nurturing when she likes you, bitter and cruel when she does not. Yui nurses grudges and can be nigh sinister when she wants revenge. She is deeply wounded when she feels she is being replaced by another, so she'll need constant reassurance that you love her. But as Suboshi can attest, even reassurance isn't always enough if Yui is caught up in her delusions of abandonment and feelings of anguish. She is easily depressed, even suicidal. In the TV series (manga 1-13) Yui spends most of her time despising Miaka and all things related to her, but in the OVA series (roughly manga 13-18) she is closer in personality to Miaka.

Cooking/Home Economics: She's the polar opposite of Miaka in almost every way, so she's probably competent here. There's very little evidence to say she's good or bad when it comes to cleaning house and cooking, though.

Fighting Skills: According to her official bio, she did very well in physical education classes. But in the actual series Yui shows only physical resilience and does not appear to be very tough or strong. She NEVER fights with anyone, but she does a little slapping here and there.

Special Abilities: She is Seiryuu No Miko. Isn't that enough? Actually, Yui is also proficient with language -- Suboshi once catches her practicing her English.

Competition: Suboshi, Nakago, and Tetsuya. Suboshi'll kill you for so much as looking at his Yui-sama the wrong way. He's madly in love with her. Repeat: MADLY in love with her. Obsessive, really. Woe betide the poor fool who angers or hurts Yui, because Suboshi will cut him down with his ryuuseisui. Nakago, on the other hand, says he's in love with her, but his version of love is to use someone while it suits him and then ditch that person, so maybe there is no problem here as long as you don't interfere with Nakago. Tetsuya is Yui's boyfriend starting with the second series (by which point the other two are out of the picture), but in the manga the relationship does not blossom as it does in the anime, so if you go by manga continuity (recommended), you won't have much of a problem. Unless, of course, all Seiryuu Shichiseishi are reincarnated. THEN you have a problem.

In-Laws: She has two parents, neither of whom were given personality enough to judge.

Economics: She's a smart girl who will probably move on to a great job. Don't expect her to take care of you, though. She's got too much pride to let someone use her like that.

Sex: She can be extremely frigid (just ask Suboshi) or can throw herself at your feet (just ask Tamahome). She also has memories of  violation firmly embedded in her memory, so you'll need to exercise patience, gentleness, and understanding.

Overall: Worth it if the fragile ego doesn't scare you off right away. She has her faults and is an imperfect individual, but she's a wonderful person once you get to know her. She was terrifyingly close to being turned into a younger, female version of Nakago, but she broke free of that. Given her painful past, you'll be walking on broken glass, but don't fret, for if Yui cares about you, she'll do anything and everything in her power to keep you happy and safe.

Written by : Charles Richards

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