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Heaven is hotter than Hell?

Note that this is solely based on passages from the Bible ...  I'm no Christian myself, but some things just stick out.  Also, I did check back to make sure of the wording of these passages.  I have no clue about them myself, and I don't really care.  This file is just for fun.  It really just makes a few computations and something interesting comes out.  I'm not trying to point out any stupidity in the Bible -- any ancient text is bound to have idiosynchracies that just snowball over the years with each interpretation.  Although, I ought to note that among the ancient religious texts of the world, the Bible is among the least ancient... Take from that what you will.  : /

There is really no data on the actual temperature of Heaven or Hell, but you will find that Isaiah:30:28 reads --
"Moreover the light of the moon shall be as the light of the sun, and the light of the sun shall be sevenfold, as the light of seven days."

Conversely, there is the message on Hell in Revelations:21:8 --
" But the fearful and unbelieving ... shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone."

Let's first start with Heaven...

Heaven apparently receives as much radiation from the Moon as we do from the Sun.  And apparently, also 49 times as much from the Sun.  A total of 50 times the radiation in all.

This should heat it to the point where the heat loss by re-radiation is about equal to the heat from radiation.

Using Stephens Law, we can say

     ----------- = 50
Given the Earth's temperature at around 300 K, which is the commonly used value for "room temperature," we can plug that in to get that Heaven's temperature is nearly 800 K.

Now as for Hell...  A lake of Brimstone...  hmmmmmmmmmmm.  Brimstone is just Sulphur -- even I know that much.  The boiling point of Sulphur is around 717 K.  Obviously, the ambient temperature must be less than 717.6 K or the whole thing would just evaporate.


    Hell -- < 717 K

    Heaven -- ~800 K

You tell me which is hotter... : )