Parashar Krishnamachari


The not-so-serious information

  • Proof for Index Interpolation -- This is a little speedup for software texture mapping that I dreamed up back in middle school.  People strangely seemed to doubt it, so I did up a proof.
  • Must-have words in Anime -- A year and a half of translating anime for a hobby just to get better at Japanese, and you find a few givens.
  • Proof that Heaven is Hotter than Hell -- Religious fundamentalism always leads to some nice humour.  I found some interesting lines that I just had to use.

Welcome to my home ...  such as it is

As you all can probably guess, my page is under everlasting construction... I'm building my pages solely for content. Do not expect to see tons of fancy graphics or eye-popping animated gifs and background music or anything like that. What you're getting here is some serious information. Well, not always serious :)... But the point is that if you want info, info, info -- you've come to the right place. Assuming that here is where you can find the particular info you want.

Well, you can expect me to do something about it all, but I'm actively building tons of pages all at once. That's a slow process. One moment, I've got something for one page, then for another, and so on. This is especially hard because I'm doing all these pages from memory. What more can you expect?

I'm constantly working on my research... and you may see some of my papers pop up around here from time to time...  This is one of the sites I work on that's loaded with technical content.  For the other, visit

Regular items

The Soapbox
I don't have the Banks of the Boneyard to use for this purpose anymore ;), so I've set up a place for it here...

My Resume
It's a personal site, after all. This should be up here.

Demos, Source, Tools
Many of the executables, code, and such from S&V are here, as well as some Virtualdub plugins.

Tutorials, Docs, Papers
Various technical documents and papers.