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Some news :

Sorry, everybody about the ultra-slow updates.  I have been way too busy with my school work and my research and I’m in charge of two organizations at this school and I’m in the anime club…  But ya’ know…  with all the sleepless nights and crazy workloads, I love it (all except the school part).  And with the lousy economy of right now, job pickings are slim.  But I’m frankly not interested in grad school.  After all this time in school, I’ve completely lost respect for academia.  Moreover, I want to do my own research on my own time.  Oh well…  that’s how it is.

The good news is that I’ll be graduating at the end of 2001.  So I’ll have a little more time afterwards.  I’ll probably have a new email address after a while, but I promise, I’ll try to be diligent on updates around that time.  I still do have quite a few lying around that people have sent me, so don’t worry too much about re-submissions.  If you see new submissions added eventually and you still don’t see one that you sent, then go ahead and re-send.

*bow*  Gomen ne, minna!!!
    For new submissions, questions, or comments email  

Any submissions must contain at least the following categories:

Submission Policy

I've had a couple of requests to reserve certain characters for people. I really can't do that, I feel it wouldn't be fair. However if you have written a different one for a character, or object to certain portions of ones already written, submit your own. Using my unparalleled judging ability I'll pick the one I like best, or add your specific comments to the bottom… or I can merge the two…  or even have multiple submissions for the same character.
Um... You DO know I was kidding about that unparalleled stuff, right?
    Also, some of these files may be getting outdated -- case in point -- Rally Vincent and May Hopkins (Gunsmith Cats) are both manga-based synopses and date back quite a bit in the manga... before we knew Rally's real name and all about her major Elektra complex and everything.  And it still goes back to before Ken Taki cleared out his records and all.  So feel free to send in newer updated version.

I ask that whenever possible, you should include an image of the character.  If he/she has other forms (e.g. Ranma male and female), it may also be good to include both.  Of course, it wouldn't be necessary for you to send in a DBZ character submission along with SSJ, SSJ2, SSJ3, & Oozaru images.  That would be an absurd lot.
    If you don't have any images lying around, try to include a link to some image somewhere, so I don't always have to search.  Of course, I did say whenever possible -- so don't be too upset.  If you don't have time, you don't have time -- I'm in college, too.  I know what it means to have no time.